o advanced to the frontcourt, he continued to play the double triangle tactic.

o advanced to the frontcourt, he continued to play the double triangle tactic.
The Celtics chose not to double-team O’Neal this time.
O’Neal took the ball and hit Perkins directly, then turned around and scored with a wipeout!
Rivers’ head exploded.
This is no longer a matter of choosing one of two cups of poison. It is a dam with three holes appearing at the same time. Blocking any one of them is wrong!
After the offensive end went smoothly, the Lakers also began to work hard on the defensive end.
Garnett continued to play from the low post, and O’Neal helped defend in advance.
/Garnett’s shot failed to hit again!
He tried to grab the frontcourt board, but O’Neal couldn’t get past him!
Under the basket, Walker also used his unprecedented strength to block the defensive rebound in advance!
Moreover, his fast-break thruster didn’t stop for a second and threw it to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao advanced on a fast break, and after reaching the basket in the front court, he knocked the ball to Hill who was following up, and pushed Rondo out of the baseline.
After Hill received the ball, he jumped up and scored with a flat dunk!
This directly brought the fans to a climax.
Jordan looked at Sun Hao with eyes filled with admiration.
After reversing the situation and holding the Celtics against each other, it was very comfortable!
On social media, fans also cheered.
“Kill the three giants who entered the finals on foot!”
The comment of a new user of this platform received the highest praise.
The Lakers are now the embodiment of justice!
Just then, there was a whistle from the sidelines.
/Ricky Davis and P.J. Brown came on, replacing Rondo and Perkins.
Rivers really wants to play against the Lakers!
Davis came up and took the ball to attack, and he shot inside to hit the board.
There is no problem with the choice of this ball. The Big Three are all being tightly defended, so his defensive pressure is relatively small.
It was just possible that his body hadn’t warmed up yet, so the ball hit the edge of the basket and bounced out, and O’Neal collected the rebound.
The Celtics’ offense failed to continue!
The Lakers advanced to the frontcourt and continued to play the double triangle. Sun Hao used Walker’s screen to break through to the basket and lay up, causing Brown’s defensive foul!
Celtics, still can’t guard against it!
Phil Jackson was smiling happier than ever at this time.
The Celtics have been unable to solve this problem, and the Lakers have always had the initiative in the series!
Sun Hao’s free throws were both free throws.
17 to 11!
The Lakers have a tendency to open up the score!
“Defend! Defend!”
There were also thunderous shouts at the scene.
Playing at home, the feeling of pressing an old opponent to the ground and rubbing them is also one word: cool!
The Celtics’ frontcourt tactics still failed to give them a chance!
As the offense becomes smoother and smoother, the Lakers’ defensive enthusiasm has reached a peak.
There was not much attack time left, s