the analysis on the show.

the analysis on the show.
“Beijing’s failure stimulated Kobe. This is the best Kobe we have ever seen. No one can stop him! No one can stop this Clippers team!”
When Sun Hao retired, Barkley could only become Kobe. Secret.
After all, whether the Clippers or the Lakers, they are both Los Angeles teams!
Of course, the Clippers’ ability to perform so well is, in addition to Kobe’s outstanding form, also inseparable from the team’s new aid Artest.
His joining has given the Clippers a qualitative leap in their forward strength, especially their defensive strength.
After Odom returned to the bench, the Clippers bench, which was originally weak, suddenly became solid.
/What must be mentioned here is Sun Yue.
Sun Yue performed well in the Olympics and successfully attracted the attention of Kobe Bryant.
/Before the start of the new season, the Clippers wanted to trade Sun Yue from the Lakers in the second round.
Of course, the Lakers are not blind, and of course they won’t let it go, not to mention they are mortal enemies in the same city.
But in the end, after paying a future first-round pick, Sun Yue was brought to the Clippers.
As in history, Sun Yue finally became Kobe’s teammate.
But the difference is that after arriving at the Clippers, Sun Yue started to take off!
With experience and Kobe’s tacit understanding, Fisher is still the Clippers’ starting point guard.
Dunleavy Sr. often even put him on the court in decisive moments of games.
Because you are young and have a bright future!
Sun Yue’s outstanding performance also has a lot to do with Kobe.
When he was with the Lakers during his rookie season, there were several domestic reports about Sun Yue going in and out of nightclubs.
But this season with the Clippers, more news was reported about him practicing with Kobe Bryant.
A very important difference from history is that Sun Yue often trained with Sun Hao before entering the league, and the level of hard work was completely different.
Therefore, it is not surprising that he can withstand Kobe’s urging and can gain a foothold in the Clippers.
Let’s talk about the performance of other teams in the East and West.
Let’s talk about the east first.
The two most competitive teams in the Eastern Conference in the new season are the Magic and Celtics.
For the Magic, the addition of Courtney Lee has filled the defensive problem in the backcourt as Orlando fans expected.
Arenas, Lee, Turkoglu, Lewis, Howard.
This lineup is even more competitive than last season.
Although it has only been played for a month, many fans feel that this team will reach the finals again and win the championship.
For the Celtics, although Garnett did not complete his redemption in Beijing, his condition in the new season is obviously better than last season.
Moreover, with Rondo’s growth and the reinforcement of the bench, Boston’s Big Three are also very promising.
Then there are the Wizards.
Although McGrady is in better shape than last season, Artest’s departure has still caused thei