n Haywood. At this time, the attack time was already halfway through. His best option was to rush in and score.

n Haywood. At this time, the attack time was already halfway through. His best option was to rush in and score.
But not only did he not do that, he dribbled the ball back and waited for Haywood to stand up!
Look at Haywood like Harden did and then take action?
He stretched out his hand to Heywood, who had just stood up, and hooked four fingers in, signaling him to guard him!
As soon as this action came out, the scene exploded instantly.
These responses from Sun Hao are even better than the game!
In one move, Heywood knocked Sun Hao to the ground.
But for some reason, Heywood himself curled up and fell to the ground.
There was chaos on the field!
West happened to rush over at this time, and he didn’t care about anything, so he just greeted him.
Poor West got punched first without doing anything, and then retreated with a look of pain on his face.
Martin over there originally wanted to step forward, but he was deterred when he saw Zhu Fangyu’s fist.
Zhu Fangyu is notorious, but he was deeply impressed by the scene of Bogut being beaten.
It’s okay to let him bully the newcomers, but forget it if you let him fight with evil people like Zhu Fangyu!
Iverson wanted to go up, but Mourning stood in front of him and blocked him.
/There are two guards with swords, one big and one small. Don’t do a good job in guarding.
Where is James?
James is standing behind.
His character dictates that he will not go up at this time.
Then, when it looked like there might be a full martial arts show, Zhu Fangyu punched him out again.
The players on both sides were quickly separated by the referee.
The attention at the scene also shifted from the conflict to the two people lying on the ground.
Sun Hao and Heywood.
Haywood was huddled together, and the Nuggets team doctor had already arrived.
On Sun Hao’s side, Zhu Fangyu and Po Xi were communicating with him.
After waiting for a while, Sun Hao was pulled up from the ground by Zhu Fangyu and Po Xi.
After getting up, he turned to look at Karl with a cold expression.
The provocation should not be too obvious, just say “Is this what you want?”
This scene also reminded the fans on the sidelines of the trash talk Sun Hao sprayed against Popovich when the Mavericks played against the Spurs.
Over there Heywood is still lying.
The fans were a little confused at this time. It was obviously Haywood who pushed Sun Hao, but why was it that Haywood was lying down and unable to get up?
The chief referee and the two assistant referees looked at each other, then turned to watch the video.
As for Haywood, it took him a while to regain his composure, and he was helped by his teammates to sit down on the bench, sweating all over him.
The referees carefully observed through various camera positions and discovered that Sun Hao was pushed forward and hit Heywood on the waist with what seemed like an unintentional waving motion.
When the footage was released, whistles broke out from the scene.
This is true: treat others with their own medi