ortunately, it only happened in a moment, and the next second he had feeling in his arm again.

ortunately, it only happened in a moment, and the next second he had feeling in his arm again.
But it still hurts a little to move.
Bone setting is the domestic name, and in medicine it is called reduction.
But no matter what you call it, this only allows people to temporarily resume activities. If you want to fully recover, you will have to put on a plaster and rest for more than half a month.
Of course, Sun Hao doesn’t have the time now.
After feeling like he could move again, the Lakers’ timeout came and he gritted his teeth and went on the court.
After Sun Hao left the field, the cameras on the scene followed him.
All the scenes including his reset were put on the big LED screen.
So by the time he came back on stage, the cheers were completely unstoppable.
Even some fans couldn’t help but have red eyes.
/What is a tough guy?
If you have an iron elbow during a match, will you get into a fight?
No, the one in front of me is Sun Hao!
What is a hero?
Have to score forty, fifty, or even sixty points every night?
No, the one in front of me is Sun Hao!
This moment is absolutely touching.
Just like in history, Yao Ming went to the locker room when he was injured, and then came back in the tunnel!
Sun Hao returned to the free throw line.
Yao Ming cast an extremely apologetic look at him at this time.
If the game wasn’t still going on, he would probably have apologized.
“I’m fine.”
Although Yao Ming didn’t speak, Sun Hao guessed what he was thinking, and now he turned into a gentle brother and said to Yao Ming.
He also knew that Yao Ming didn’t do it on purpose. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable in basketball games.
But despite the pain, he was still in a good mood at the moment.
After all, with a little more than a minute now, the Lakers lead by 4 points.
The goal just scored was very crucial.
Fortunately, it was his left hand that was dislocated and painful, so it didn’t affect his free throws too much.
After adjusting his breathing, Sun Hao took an extra penalty shot.
The ball hit the front of the basket.
This shot is like throwing his arm out.
But fortunately, the ball climbed back in after hitting the basket!
Sun Hao’s extra penalty hit!
The cheers at the scene erupted again.
That huge decibel, it was as if what Sun Hao just made was not an extra penalty, but a winning goal!
But in fact, this extra penalty shot is indeed critical.
104 to 99!
Only the last 50 seconds.
There is not much time left for the Wizards!
After the Wizards advanced to the frontcourt, the offensive rhythm obviously sped up.
But sometimes, you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, and it’s easy to make mistakes in a hurry.
When McGrady suddenly passed the ball to Hamilton, the two made a mistake in their cooperation and the ball went directly out of bounds!
Both parties were stunned for a while.
When he came back to his senses, McGrady gasped and pointed at himself, with a look of remorse on his face.
Yao Ming went over to comfort him for a while.