The scene was bigger than what he had encountered when he first arrived in Spain.
Among these people, Sun Hao saw many familiar faces.
Olumide Odeje.
The Nigerian center has never made a name for himself in the NBA. He is the kind of passerby who disappears after playing for one year.
/However, he is very famous in the CBA and has been selected to the CBA All-Star Game many times. He is considered a very special existence.
Somalia Samaki.
This is even more familiar. The meritorious foreign aid of the CBA Ten Thousand Horses team has won the CBA block title many times.
However, compared to Odjie, he will be more famous in the future because he served as the substitute of “Shark” O’Neal in the NBA.
And he is different from Odeje, who is also from Africa. His hometown is Mali, a very poor and backward country.
Sports are involved in economics and politics. If you are born in such a country, you can still have the opportunity to enter the NBA.
What can be seen is his talent, but what cannot be seen is the hard work he has put in for it.
Of course, compared with these CBA celebrities, the person who attracted the most attention to Sun Hao or other teams during this joint trial was a Turk.
/Hill Turkoglu.
In the just-concluded Champions League match, his team lost to Panathinaikos and stopped in the quarterfinals.
But that doesn’t cover up his brilliance.
In the Champions League group stage, he averaged 13.6 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.
This data is second only to Bodiloga among small forwards in the Champions League.
And unlike Bodiloga who is already 27 years old, he is only 21 years old!
What’s more, he looks just as versatile as Bodilloga!
When Bodiloga refused to go to the NBA, they naturally coveted the younger and more talented Turkoglu.
There are some others, Delibor Baglic, Primoz Brezek, Marko Jaric, Igor Rakosevic.
These are all rookies in the 2000 class.
However, the appearance of one surprised Sun Hao.
Jose Calderon.
He even came to try out!
An accident is an accident, which makes sense.
It is said that he became famous after winning La Liga last year, but he is one year older than Sun Hao.
Sun Hao is here, there is no reason for him not to come.
The two have grudges in La Liga and are in the same position, so they can be regarded as old enemies.
Before the trial training even started, Turkoglu took the initiative to greet Sun Hao.
Different from the iconic Zappa beard in the future, the “agent” at this time has not yet started to grow a beard, and looks a little green.
Turkoglu’s temper seemed very gentle, and he congratulated Sun Hao first.
“It seems that we have no chance to meet in the Champions League. We will all go to the NBA.”
Turkoglu is very confident in himself, and this sentence also shows that he recognizes Sun Hao’s strength.
After all, European guards cannot enter the NBA if they are not strong enough.
“I hope so.”
It was impossible for Sun Hao to tell his true thoughts to someone