tively quiet.”

He switched to poor Loenese with a strong flavor of spices, and never mentioned the matter of identification.
This is really a real world. Klein sneered and responded politely:
/“Yes, yes, okay.” The boss responded repeatedly.
Then, he called the waiter to guard the counter, took the key himself, and led Klein to the second floor:
“Sir, the price is 1 sole and 5 pence per night for how many days you need to stay.”
“Tonight.” Klein couldn’t bear the enthusiasm, so he replied simply.
At the “Azure Wind” Hotel, he and Daniz stayed in a luxurious suite, which cost 5 sulers a night.
There is no doubt that the room chosen by the boss is clean and tidy, and there is basically no humidity that is common in port hotels. Klein looked around and nodded with satisfaction:
“It’s my honor.” The boss was flattering with obvious fear.
Klein put down his luggage, rested for a while, got up and returned to the ground floor, preparing to solve the dinner problem.
On the entire first floor, except for the counter, there were many tables arranged in a messy manner, all with slightly greasy surfaces. In the corner, a fireplace was burning, emitting light and heat.
The Rhoad Islands are located in the south, and the lowest temperature in winter is about 10 degrees, but for the locals, this is still a cold weather that requires a fire.
Klein found a seat at random and ordered a local barbecue and mushroom soup. The main dish was potato bread.
While waiting, he quietly scanned the diners in the restaurant, and his eyes instinctively fell on a woman.
This lady has black hair that is simply tied up and a pair of very distinctive blue-grey eyes. She has an attractive appearance, and the more she looks at her, the more interesting she becomes.
She was obviously not of local race, but she was wearing a men’s shirt, a brown thick jacket, and a round-brimmed hat with a dent in the middle.
This is a common adventurer’s attire on the sea, and the three men at the same table are also the same, and they have obvious signs of being exposed to the sun and rain.
Klein never concealed his admiration for beautiful ladies, but it wasn’t her appearance that attracted his attention.
There is a strong atmosphere of discrimination against women on the sea. Women who can achieve a certain status among adventurers and pirate groups are either very scheming, very powerful, or both. They are the ones who must be careful and guarded against.
There are relatively fresh mud spots on their leather boots. They just came back from the jungle. Hehe, they are really adventurers. Klein made a preliminary judgment based on some clues.
If these four adventurers had come by boat from Bayam, even if they had stepped on sewage or encountered mud before, the traces would have dried up long ago. And the roads inside the town would have been fine because it hadn’t rained in the past two days. Neat, just a little dusty. Eliminating these two possibilities, the only explanation left is that the other party came back from exp