great master who controls the spiritual world, the yellow and black king of good luck, and the beacon for every living being to pursue eternity.

“Our Lord dwells above reality and the spiritual world, His mercy is spread across heaven and earth, and there are six angels standing beside His seat…
/“The ‘Mercury Angel’ is the incarnation of destiny and is our Lord’s most beloved angel; the ‘Death Angel’ is the existence that has followed our Lord the longest and is the archon of the underworld; the ‘Angel of Redemption’ is the trumpet of our Lord and his god. The messenger of the message; the ‘angel of life’ is the crystallization of wisdom and the eternal spirituality in everyone.”
Hearing this, the young man laughed:
“Your Lord is really awesome. He has so many angels serving him.”
“More than that.” The half-giant responded gently, “Besides the Lord’s throne is the ‘Angel of Punishment’. He is the Lord’s thunder, the Lord’s wrath, the Lord’s palm, and is the judge and executioner of all fallen and unclean people. .
“The opposite of the ‘Angel of Punishment’ is the ‘Angel of Time’. He was the ‘King’ in ancient times. He finally surrendered to our Lord and struck the bell of heaven for Him.”
“Awesome, awesome.” The young man praised sincerely.
Hearing such a response, the half-giant couldn’t help but smile, and then described the various miracles performed by Mr. Fool in as concise words as possible, and finally said:
“It’s been a quarter of an hour, so I won’t waste your time. If you are interested, you can go to the Church of the Fool at No. 16 Phillips Street to learn more. This is our largest church in Bayam City, haha , and others are still being planned.”
The young man nodded:
“If I have free time, I will take a look.”
After watching the half-giant turn away, the young man smiled and took out a crystal monocle from his pocket and put it on his right eye.
The half-giant went all the way back to his restaurant and changed into chef clothes.
“Badr, are you going to preach again?” the restaurant owner asked with a smile.
When the industry association recommended this half-giant to learn cooking skills, he was still resistant. He always felt that the other party could kill him with a flick of his arm, and he didn’t seem to be a person with talent for cooking.
But now, he is very satisfied with Badr. This half-giant is not only honest, obedient, and able to endure hardships, but also has a strong deterrent effect, so that the villains on the street dare not try to create a restaurant.
The only problem is that Baldur goes out once a day to preach the Fool’s faith.
Of course, since it was not during working hours, the restaurant owner couldn’t say anything and didn’t mind.
Bader smiled honestly, walked into the kitchen, and said to Bonn, his friend from Yuecheng who came to seek refuge with him:
/“I can teach you how to cook grilled fish today.”
Bonn looked relatively normal, except that his eyes looked awkward up and down. He was a Yuecheng native who had not too serious deformities and had the co