to get too far from each other. , to facilitate timely changes in formation to cope with unexpected situations.

to get too far from each other. , to facilitate timely changes in formation to cope with unexpected situations.
Thanks to the spiritual communication of “The Way of Kara”, the grouping was completed in a very short time. And just when Yin Kuang was about to order the search for the outpost, his heart suddenly moved and he waved his hand to signal everyone’s attention.
“What’s wrong? What happened?” There is always someone who can’t help but speak. The girl next to the man said: “Don’t make any noise, there is probably something going on.” The boy asked doubtfully: “No way? Why didn’t I feel it?” The girl showed disdain on her face, “With your little sense, you dare to talk to the president Than.”
As soon as the girl finished speaking, Yin Kuang’s shocking voice rang out in their consciousness, “Get ready to fight!”
As if to verify what Yin Kuang said, the valley below everyone’s feet suddenly broke out. A big black hole, and then a weird-sized insect emerged from the black hole. It was more than three meters tall. Its pointed limbs supported an inverted triangular cone-shaped body. It had a pair of huge upper and lower jaws that looked like guillotines and giant pincers. There were sickle-shaped limbs on both sides of the upper jaw that looked like the forelimbs of a mantis. The lobster eyes hidden at the base of the upper and lower jaws are full of crazy bloodthirsty killing intent.
It is the most common, most cannon fodder, and also the most numerous mantis war bug among the Arachne bugs! Not only are their individual destructive powers astonishing, their sharp jointed limbs and huge jaws are their deadly weapons; at the same time, what really makes people look “disgraceful” is their number. As soon as they set out, they covered the sky and covered the mountains and plains, gathering into a wave that crushed all living things that stood in their way. It was them who massacred more than 300,000 mobile troops of the Earth Federation in one fell swoop!
/The mantis war insect roared at Yin Kuang and others who were standing on the high ground. It opened a pair of jaws and pretended to clamp Yin Kuang and others in half. In fact, it was about to do so! I saw it quickly scratching the ground with its pointed limbs and heading towards Yin Kuang again.
“No way, it’s just one.” Before a boy could finish speaking, he took a deep breath of air.
I saw mantises and insects like a tide pouring out of the dark hole and rushing directly towards where Yin Kuang and others were.
If you want to experience a similar visual impact, you can use a chopstick to poke a hole in the ant nest, then take out the chopstick, and you can see it.
At this moment, a person suddenly shouted, “There is also a hole here. !”
/“Here too! There are so many bugs!”
Looking up, he saw that in the valleys around the high ground where Yin Kuang and others were, large holes were opened one after another, and then a steady stream of praying mantis war bugs appeared. It rushed out of the black hole and spread towards Yin Kuang and