eir heels. If it were even one second slower, three people and one dog would have to ride the roller coaster for free.

eir heels. If it were even one second slower, three people and one dog would have to ride the roller coaster for free.
Fortunately, a puppy and a child were saved at the last moment. Although the driver of the bus instinctively turned the steering wheel, the arc of the turn was not large, and he did not even run out of the road, let alone crash into it. Inside “Destiny SPA”. With a flick of his tail, he continued to run wildly into the distance out of control, not knowing when he would be able to stop.
Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.
The little boy’s mother, a blond young woman with an proud figure, kept thanking Bai Lu, with a hint of seduction in the corners of her charming eyes. Of course, as a mother, she cares more about her children, patting the little boy’s body with tears like a broken pearl.
Li Shuangmu pulled Bai Lu, then turned and left.
Bai Lu chuckled, broke away from the blond young woman’s greasy hand, and then patted the little boy’s face with a smile on his face, “You have to listen to your mother and don’t run around, you know? Brother, it’s very important now. I have some things to do. Goodbye.” After saying that, he showed a smile that he thought was very charming and left gracefully.
“Phew! It was so thrilling just now. If we take one step slower, let alone us, everyone in the acupuncture hall will be crushed into meat patties.” Bai Lu said with lingering fear.
“Maybe we can save Wang Ning as well.” Li Shuangmu glanced at the white glove that was torn into rags by a puppy on the ground, “Let’s go quickly. Tang Rouyu and Ouyang Mu are not necessarily suitable opponents for Wang Ning.” As he
/said , , the two quickened their pace and rushed into the “Destiny SPA”.
Pushing the door open, what came into view was a white figure drifting, waving a black stream of light, bringing out a line of blood, and then removed one of Ouyang Mu’s arms. At the same time, he twisted his body and kicked her. Kicked away.
Ouyang Mu let out a muffled “hum”, and his delicate body seemed to be hit by a high-speed train. It hit the wooden wall hard, making a crisp sound of the board breaking, and smashed directly into a private room. in.
In the corner, Tang Rouyu, who looked sickly and pale, was covering her plump chest, with a trace of blood hanging from the corner of her mouth.
When she saw Li Shuangmu and Bai Lu rushing in, the strange-shaped knife she held in her other hand flicked her wrist and activated her wind power at the same time. The strange-shaped knife turned into a silver thread and shot towards the white figure.
Thinking about it, Tang Rouyu’s strengthening of the wind ability was not without consideration. There is no doubt that the ability to control the wind can maximize the power of her skills.
What is she good at?
It’s not difficult to guess the Tang Sect’s hidden weapon from her last name!
As the strange-shaped knife was fired, the erratic white figure suddenly stopped, and countless white shadows overlapped instantly, revealing the figure of Wang Ning