I wanted to slap him in the face at the beginning.”

I wanted to slap him in the face at the beginning.”
So he didn’t slap it?
/Yin Kuang sighed secretly, keeping an eye on it. Since there is Long Ming behind him, he cannot be treated like an ordinary person.
“Okay, let’s eat. My stomach is growling with hunger.”
Since Qian Qianqian had just come back, there was still a thin layer of sweat on her face. Tang Rouyu couldn’t bear that she was tired, so she took the initiative to invite Ying into the kitchen. So, the three of them enjoyed another sumptuous and delicious dinner.
A night of silence.
The underlined ones are those we have contacted.
At this point, there is one last name that has not been crossed out.
After pondering for a while, Yin Kuang took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
“Who?” After the call was connected, a vigilant male voice came out.
“Wanjie, Yin Kuang!” Yin Kuang directly announced his family name, “Ping Changsheng, this is our first communication, please take care of me!”
“You!?” The other party exclaimed in surprise, but soon calmed down, “Hello, I am Ping Changsheng, the leader of ‘Twilight’. Please take care of me!”
It’s just basic courtesy. If you take it seriously, you will lose.
“I have heard about you for a long time, but I have never had the opportunity to see him. I am very sorry. But I didn’t want you to call me personally. I am deeply honored.”
Yin Kuang greeted him politely and said: “Now there is a fortune for Mr. Ping. I wonder if you are willing to accept it.”
“Oh? Haha, I would like to hear the details!”
“I think Mr. Laiping has also heard about it recently, about some small friction between me, Wanjie and Tianlong.”
“Yes, I have heard a little bit.”
“I also heard that Mr. Ping has many ‘offices’ in the Tianlong Empire.”
“Yin Sang seems to be particularly interested in us?”
“Haha. I need some people to make some products in the major cities of the Tianlong Empire. Chaos. After thinking about it, there is nothing more suitable than Mr. Ping’s ‘Twilight’.”
“Yin Sang, you are very interesting. You know that I am at odds with you, but you still ask me to cooperate. I am deeply curious.”
Yin Kuang said: “There is a saying in China that everything in the world is for profit.”
“Everything in the world is for profit!” Ping Changsheng continued, “Then, what can I get?” Yin Kuang said with a smile: “It depends. How big your mouth is. To tell you the truth, I have contacted many companies before you. So there will be many people competing with you. Although they have not definitely agreed, I know very well that once there is a chance, they will definitely I won’t show mercy. After all, the Tianlong Empire is a cake that is both big and delicious. Do you think so?” ”
I will carefully consider your suggestion.” Ping Changsheng was equally ambiguous and said, “In addition, in advance, I wish Mr. Yin immediate success.”
“Thank you for your good words.”
After hanging up the phone, Yin Kuang sneered, threw away the phone, pillowed it with his hands, and said quietly: “The plot has been exhaust