kly outlined, like a mountain peak.

He looked at Klein who gave up resistance, his eyes turned dark and light, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised:
“I stole it. How does it feel?”
/Klein raised his head to look at Mr. “Wrong”, and after trying hard, he opened his mouth and spoke feebly:
“You have been cheating from the beginning?”
Amon raised his hands and said with a smile:
“It’s a pity that you understood it too late.”
He circled an oval with thumb to thumb and index finger to index finger.
In the oval, the stars lit up, reflecting Klein’s figure.
Immediately afterwards, Amon separated his hands heavily, tearing apart the void that Klein and the surrounding environment relied on for survival.
The void is like glass, cracking piece by piece, shattering inch by inch, and tall buildings collapse like destruction.
However, all this collapse and all destruction passed around Klein’s body and did not directly affect him.
He was like a small fishing boat sailing smoothly in the storm, looking so abrupt and uncoordinated, as if he shouldn’t belong here.
Amon raised his hand to adjust the monocle in his right eye socket, and the smile on his face faded a little.
On the translucent cloak on Klein’s body, dense bulges constantly appeared, then subsided and disappeared.
He looked at the mountain-like Amon, his eyes seemed a little darker:
At that time, Amon said that he took the risk and let go of the suppression of the “Lord of Mystery”‘s will in his body, in exchange for the identity of the master of “Origin Castle”.
At this moment, Amon did not seize the opportunity to continue attacking Klein. He was floating in the air, looking down at Mr. Fool.
Klein also made no other attempts, and his tone was strangely calm, as if he was brewing something:
“If you let go of the suppression of the ‘Lord of Mysteries’ will, you can enter the ‘Origin Castle’ at the cost of being half crazy. The original Antigonus could do it, and the earlier ‘Destruction Demonic Wolf’ Fregra could do it too. Yes, you and Mr. Door also had countless opportunities before.
“Obviously, simply letting the ‘Lord of Mysteries’ recover to a certain extent and using half-madness to cooperate with the ‘bug’ will not be able to invade the ‘Origin Castle’. You can’t find a ‘bug’ that can be exploited in this matter. Unless, you directly let Him replace you.
“It wasn’t until you had the ‘door’ authority to enter anywhere that you saw hope: by creating a backdoor and using ‘bugs’, the ‘Source Castle’ would treat you as the ‘Lord of Mysteries’ and give you permissions.
“Of course, this will definitely require the ‘Lord of Mystery’ to be revived to a quite dangerous level. Without this layer of hidden identity, you can’t defraud the ‘Origin Castle’ out of thin air.
“After accommodating the uniqueness of the ‘Gate’, you did not immediately sneak into the ‘Origin Castle’ to deal with the weaker me at that time because at that time, you, who had just been promoted, were completely unable to withstand the further awakening of the ‘Lord of