breath and slowly walked into the coral palace.

There are elves here one after another. They are either grilling fish, adding spices to the solidified animal blood, or holding food between two branches and bringing it to their mouths. No one cares about the stranger coming in.
Alger then set his sights on the nine steps a hundred meters away.
There was a coral seat inlaid with sapphires, emeralds, and lustrous pearls on the steps. The Elf Queen, the “Disaster Queen” was sitting there, looking down at Alger.
“Very good.” Cohinam nodded lightly and threw out the exquisite gold wine glass he was playing with.
The soft but strong wind cheered and supported the wine glass. They were like tiny elves, lining up in a line, carrying corresponding items, and quickly approached Alger.
Alger reached out to take it, looked down, and found that there was a pool of blue liquid in the golden wine glass. It was false, dreamy, and not real enough.
“Drink it, then go to the sea near Simim Island in the Rhoside Islands and find this coral palace with everything you can imagine.”
“If you don’t drink this glass of wine, you won’t be able to see that palace?” Alger asked thoughtfully.
Although he was facing an angel, he could still communicate relatively calmly because he saw a certain great being every week and had already adapted to this situation.
“Queen of Natural Disasters” Goshinam nodded and said:
“Will this leave a mark on me?” Alger asked cautiously.
“Yes.” Goshinam said with a slightly cold voice, “So, before you enter the Coral Palace and get the corresponding things, you can’t go back to Pasu Island and you can’t see the angels under Leodro.”
How can His Majesty the Pope be able to see him whenever he wants… Alger breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and turned to ask:
“When you get that thing, the effect of this glass of ‘wine’ will disappear?”
/Elf Queen Goshinam replied without any change in expression:
“No, you need to eat that property directly.
“When the time comes, this glass of ‘wine’ will be transformed into a seal, which will prevent that characteristic from corroding your body for the time being. How you prepare for the ceremony and how you explain it to the Church of Storms is your own business.”
Let the characteristics belong to me first, and then perform the ceremony? In this way, maybe there is a better way to get the church to accept it… Alger thought for a while, raised his hand and put the wine glass to his mouth.
The cold liquid slid down his throat and disappeared in an instant. The entire coral palace was shattered, and the light of the morning sun and the remaining green giant trees reappeared in front of Alger’s eyes.
No contract was made, no oath was made for me? Well, drinking that glass of “wine” is equivalent to reaching an agreement… Alger withdrew his gaze and said to the unaware sailors around him:
“There’s nothing here. Let’s take a closer look.”
Above the gray fog, inside the ancient palace.
Klein also looked away from the crimson star representing “The Han