‘ve been looking for her everywhere, but I don’t know what’s going on!” Zhou Jingjing covered her face and cried.

‘ve been looking for her everywhere, but I don’t know what’s going on!” Zhou Jingjing covered her face and cried.
“Jingjing, what happened just now? You were talking to me, but suddenly you felt something was wrong. You slapped the wooden board of the cubicle hard, and rushed over to pull my door open. You couldn’t see me even though I was inside. , and then you opened your mouth and didn’t speak.” Li Miao walked over and asked Zhou Jingjing, holding her injured shoulder.
“I didn’t see you, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Zhou Jingjing looked at the blood on Li Miao’s clothes and Zhang Shengli’s angry face, and her body couldn’t help but tremble.
“I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, and I don’t mean to blame you. Just tell us what happened to you just now.” Li Miao leaned over and comforted Zhou Jingjing.
“I, I, I saw my sister, she scared me to death!” Zhou Jingjing showed a painful expression.
“Your sister, Lingling? Why is she here?” Hu Jun was shocked when he heard Zhou Jingjing’s words. He remembered that Zhou Jingjing’s sister had passed away, and she had passed away a year ago.
“She is dead, and she has been dead for more than a year! I have always hated her since she was born! I hate her very much! She brought down our whole family and made me unable to go to college, so I had to work early!” Zhou Jingjing shook her head, the expression on her face became even more painful. It seemed that she was unwilling to mention those things, but after being forced by everyone, she had to speak out.
“Her sister died of leukemia a year ago.” Hu Jun explained to the others.
/“She’s dead, then how could she appear here?” Li Miao’s expression became even more strange. What she asked was also what other people present wanted to ask.
“I didn’t know that she didn’t have to die. At that time, the doctor said that if she could be treated with surgery in time, she would be fine. Her and I have been successfully matched. As long as I agree to transplant bone marrow to her, she can be saved. Her life. But I didn’t want to do that!”
“When my parents gave birth to her, I didn’t agree. I knew they wanted a son, so they wanted to have a second child, but she was a little disaster!” Zhou Jingjing’s tears kept flowing, and her expression became more and more painful.
Ningjing City fully liberalized the two-child policy. When her parents were planning to have a second child, Zhou Jingjing, who was almost an adult at the time, strongly opposed it, but they still insisted on having a second child. The birth of her younger sister disappointed her parents who wanted a son, but they still loved her very much, which made life even more difficult for the family, which had always been financially strapped.
/After that, the relationship between Zhou Jingjing and her parents became increasingly tense. She was originally an excellent student and dropped out of school early to leave home and go out to work alone. She never came home for more than four years, not even during the New Year, until she received a call for help from her