m that makes the intercom unusable.

m that makes the intercom unusable.
At around three o’clock in the night, the thunderstorm finally stopped, and the sky soon cleared up. Liu Gan, who was sitting quietly in the room with his eyes closed, felt something moving nearby. When he opened his eyes, he found that the Milky Way was unnoticed. He came back and stood opposite him, looking at him.
“Come back?” Seeing that Yinhe had come back obediently, Liu Qian’s heart that had been hanging around was finally relieved.
“Is it fully charged?” Liu Qian asked Yinhe again.
“It’s charged, enough for me to use for one more day.” Yinhe answered Liu Qian.
“Didn’t you charge it underground for more than a month before it was fully charged to 71%? And the efficiency of your device is even lower. How come you can charge it for one day all of a sudden?” Liu Qian asked a little strangely. Milky Way.
“I don’t remember the details. Maybe they charged and discharged me many times? I had better luck tonight. The lightning rod of the building attracted a beam of high-voltage lightning of several billion volts. Even if the conversion efficiency is low, as long as When you encounter that kind of thunder and lightning, you can collect a lot of plasma at once.” Yinhe answered Liu Gan.
“That’s it.” Liu Qian felt relieved after hearing Yinhe’s explanation. There aren’t many other things here, but there is plenty of thunder and lightning, which comes almost every day for several hours. Moreover, there are many high-rise buildings in Tranquility City. In the future, as long as When there is a thunderstorm, let Yinhe go out to look for food, which should be able to meet her daily needs.
I just didn’t have the chance to see the power of her electrical discharge with my own eyes. If she had enough plasma in her body to use her lightning attack, no matter how powerful the target was, it would be directly scorched or even vaporized, right?
Could it be that Sanyu Company’s Biochemical Intelligence Laboratory had long anticipated the coming of the apocalypse, and also knew that thunderstorms would be particularly frequent in the apocalypse, so it adopted this method to drive the galaxy? If it weren’t for this reason, it can only be said that their brains were filled with water and they would design such a troublesome energy supply method.
“Master, you can rest now, otherwise you will not be in good spirits tomorrow.” Yinhe said to Liu Gan.
“Have you learned to care about me? Then the intimacy between us has increased a lot than before?” Liu Qian tried to ask Yinhe.
“Yeah, I can let you hold hands.” Yinhe thought for a while and answered Liu Qian.
“We can only hold hands?” Liu Qian looked disappointed.
“We can only hold hands.” Yinhe said with a firm expression.
“Okay, let’s just hold hands.” Liu Qian reached over and took Yinhe’s hand, but he felt that her little hand was cold, as cold as a piece of iron.
/Yinhe looked at Liu Qian without moving, wondering what he was thinking. After a moment, Yinhe’s hand quickly became warm, and Liu Qian couldn’t help