senior from the Neng clan made the stubborn man in front of him suddenly change his mind?

senior from the Neng clan made the stubborn man in front of him suddenly change his mind?
“Tell me, how do I need to cooperate with you to get the research results of the Holy Domain? In addition, do you know where the headquarters of the Holy Sword is?” Liu Gan decided to cooperate with Ryoko Sanada. Of course, the prerequisites are Everything must be under his control.
If the person in front of him is the real body of Ryoko Sanada, Liu Gan is probably unwilling to seek skin from a tiger and may eventually be injured by the tiger. However, this is just a clone of her and is not as powerful as her real body, so she can still give it a try.
“It’s very simple. Now I need to find the biochemical laboratory in the Holy City first, get the virus printing equipment I need there, and then print out some of the biochemical viruses stored in my brain and release them into the Holy City, so that this place Everyone is infected and turned into zombies, and my avatar can absorb enough energy from these zombies to greatly enhance my strength.”
/“The master of the Holy City is so powerful now mainly because of these people who belong to him. The soul power provided by humans, as long as more than half of them become zombies, his strength will be greatly weakened, and it will be easy for me to defeat him.” Ryoko Sanada said her. The plan was given to Liu Qian.
“I don’t agree with this plan.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to defeat the master of the sanctuary and get his research results?” Ryoko Sanada looked at Liu Gan strangely.
“When your power is very weak, you need my help. When your power is very strong, why should I believe that you will continue our cooperation? By then, all the fruits of victory will be yours, and I will do nothing. I can’t get it.” Liu Gan snorted coldly.
“You are indeed very smart, much smarter than those zombies. It is very difficult to control you.” Ryoko Sanada rolled her eyes.
“Thank you for the compliment.” Liu Qian was speechless about his IQ level. In the eyes of Ryoko Sanada, he was only a little better than a zombie.
“Well, I can feel that your body has become energized now. Maybe you can also learn my corpse control technique. Since you don’t believe me, why don’t I teach you the corpse control technique and let you control those things?” What do you think about the infected zombies absorbing their power to make you stronger, and then you going to duel with the master of the sanctuary?” After thinking for a long time, Sanada Ryoko came up with a new plan.
“This can be considered.” Liu Qian didn’t expect Ryoko Sanada to come up with such a method, and he couldn’t help but feel happy, but he didn’t show anything on his face.
/Corpse control? And absorb the power of zombies? The more zombies you control, the stronger you become? Sounds like a good skill.
“To learn the art of corpse control, we first have to create a specific virus. I have nothing on hand right now. I only record the genetic sequence of those viruses in my mind, so I need a virus pr