st below tonight. We’ll talk about our plans tomorrow at dawn.” Zhang Shengli shook his head, not agreeing with Zhang Shengnan’s opinion. Decide.

st below tonight. We’ll talk about our plans tomorrow at dawn.” Zhang Shengli shook his head, not agreeing with Zhang Shengnan’s opinion. Decide.
/“Brother, are you still a man? Your classmate has become so timid without you? I don’t want to rest now, I want to go up there to kill zombies!” Zhang Shengnan replied to Zhang Shengli in a very irritable tone, and Liu Gan scolded her. You idiot, not admitting his mistake to her and apologizing to her still made her feel unhappy, and she wanted to find something to vent about.
“Shengnan, listen to your brother.” Hu Rong also advised Zhang Shengnan.
/“It’s up to you. If you want to go down and sleep, go down. I’ll go up and kill the zombies alone!” Zhang Shengnan suddenly ran up the stairs. Zhang Shengli and Hu Rong had no choice but to look at each other and quickly chased after him.
After the two caught up with Zhang Shengnan, they persuaded Zhang Shengnan and finally convinced Zhang Shengnan to only clear the 90th floor and go down to find a place to rest. Then the three of them explored the 90th floor of the dark building together.
A zombie rushed over in the darkness. Zhang Shengnan rushed to the front, swung the fire ax in her hand, and cut off the zombie’s neck with one blow. She felt extremely happy in her heart. It was obvious that she had secretly killed the zombie in her heart. Think of it as Liu Qian who called her a fool.
Several more zombies rushed over from the darkness, but they were all chopped down to the ground by Zhang Shengnan with the fire ax in his hand. It must be said that this woman’s fighting ability is indeed very strong. As long as these ordinary zombies do not appear in groups, they have already dealt with them. She doesn’t pose much of a threat anymore.
“Shengnan, be careful, don’t charge too hard, and stay in good formation with us.” Zhang Shengli had to remind his sister Zhang Shengnan again and again.
“Coward!” Zhang Shengnan turned his thumb downward and gave Zhang Shengli a very contemptuous gesture.
The layout of the ninetieth floor was similar to the structure of the eighty-ninth floor. There were not many zombies. Although it was very dark, with the help of flashlights, the three of them cleared the way and killed them easily. Especially Zhang Shengnan, inspired by the humiliation and anger in her heart, broke out with extraordinary fighting power. Most of the zombies died under her axe.
Ten minutes later, the three of them cleared the entire 90th floor, but Zhang Shengnan was still unwilling to go down to rest, so he headed up to the 91st floor. Zhang Shengli and Hu Rong couldn’t stop her, and forcing her to stop her would lead to her death. Shouting would bring greater danger, so he had no choice but to follow her to the ninety-first floor.
Half an hour later, Zhang Shengnan reached the ninety-third floor in one breath. Only then did he feel that he was done venting, and his body was very tired and ready to stop. But at this moment, a faint cry suddenly came from the darkness on the ninety-third floor, like that o