he fiery-tempered ‘God of Fire’ asked directly with dissatisfaction.

What the ‘God of Death’ said has not changed in ten thousand years, and it is estimated that it will not change in the next ten thousand years.
“I was about to talk about the recent changes. In the past year or so, the War Temple has lost three archbishops in succession, and the conflict between the War Temple and the nobles has reached its peak.
Even the ‘Knight Forbidden Card’ jointly created by the five gods when they established the knight profession fell into the hands of the nobles. Currently, the Supreme Council is opposed to the War Temple, and its relationship with the other four temples is at its lowest point in ten thousand years.
I used the backup skills left over from that time to form a space gate between the Zerg world and the divine world, which contained part of the energy of the five gods. At least five space temples were restricted there. “The ‘God of Death’ ignored the dissatisfaction of the ‘God of Fire’ and continued to explain.
After hearing the introduction of the ‘God of Death’, the four gods including the ‘God of Storms’ became interested.
As early as when they were sleeping, they predicted that one day there would be a gap between the nobles and the temple.
/It’s just that the time predicted by the gods will be many years later. The premise is that many strong men will emerge among the nobles, and they can create some opposition with the temple in terms of strength.
Otherwise, how could the nobles dare to have conflicts with the temple, let alone oppose them.
/In particular, the ‘Knight Forbidden Card’ fell into the hands of the nobles, which almost caused the temple to lose the greatest restriction on the knight profession.
“Who is so capable that the War Temple lost three archbishops in a row? It’s even more powerful than I did back then!” The ‘God of Fire’ focused his attention on the three archbishops who died in the War Temple.
“‘God of Death’, Arthur Luce is a demigod, and he is accompanied by a god-level black dragon!” the ‘God of Storms’ corrected in a deep voice.
“Arthur Luce’s strength reached the level of a demigod? How could it be so fast?” When the ‘God of Death’ heard the god-level black dragon, he understood that it was the black dragon Alexis, but he quickly noticed another point and couldn’t help but be surprised. asked in a voice.
It has only been a few years. The last time I saw Lord Arthur, his strength could not withstand even one of his fingers. Now he has reached the level of demigod.
The ‘God of Death’ knew that the Storm Temple of the ‘God of Storms’ was breached by Lord Arthur. The ‘God of Storms’ had fought against Lord Arthur, so it was normal for him to know his strength.
“How could the temple allow such a person to exist?” the ‘God of Fire’ asked in confusion.
Regarding the personalities of the five great gods, the ‘God of Fire’ is very clear.
The five great gods have always had a suppressive attitude towards the appearance of strong men. The five great gods do not want the appe