ecial forces.

David was also angered by the female bodyguard’s attack. If he were an ordinary soldier, not to mention the blood arrow, even the previous attack would have been fatal.
When his body flew out, a fierce look flashed in his eyes, and the ‘spiritual arrows’ in the seedlings of the Soul Fortress were mobilized.
David didn’t know that these two female peak warriors were Emma’s bodyguards. He just thought they were strong men in the audience, or that the mysterious organization had returned and came to assassinate him again.
When David decided to use the ‘Spiritual Arrow’, he had a murderous intention in his heart. Using ‘Psychic Puncture’, a non-Interstellar Federation ability, would definitely not leave anyone alive.
Just when David was about to use the ‘Spiritual Arrow’ to save his life, Emma behind him finally saw two female bodyguards.
“Leona, Nora, stop now, he is saving me!” Emma shouted.
Hearing her cry, David stopped stimulating the ‘Spiritual Arrow’, and the two female bodyguards also stopped rushing forward.
“Let’s rush out together!” Before he could explain anything, the audience around him had already gathered around him, and David said quickly.
“Let’s cover!” The two female bodyguards Leona and Nora did not hesitate. They immediately protected David and Emma on the left and right, and rushed out of the door together.
Just as several people rushed out of the concert gate, the concert’s security system was activated, and piercing alarms sounded throughout the concert.
The audience who heard the siren were all awakened from their madness, and only then did they realize what they had just done.
“We’re not catching up!” David didn’t even need to look back. The Shadow Attendant above him had already observed clearly, and he said with a sigh of relief.
The reporters who had been staying outside the concert did not expect to see Emma being carried out by the man. The cameras in their hands were all pointed at several people.
“Can you put the lady down?” Leona looked around, then looked at David, who was still carrying Emma, ??and said softly.
“I’m sorry!” David also felt a little embarrassed and quickly put Emma down and said.
“Thank you!” Emma said softly.
“Emma, ??why are you being carried out?” a reporter asked first.
“Can you tell us your name?” A reporter asked David.
“What happened at the concert?”
“Emma, ??are you and he in love?”
“Emma, ??how long have you known each other?”
Most of the questions were asked to Emma. Under the influence of Emma, ??David was also constantly questioned by reporters.
/“Sir, don’t talk. We will handle these matters. Get out of here first!” Leona reminded softly, fearing that David would talk nonsense.
Leona and Nora pushed away the approaching reporters, and a hover car flew over. It was David’s hover car. His hover car had unparalleled priority in Na’an City.
So after David and Emma walked out of the concert together, the first thing they saw was David’s hover car.
The car door opened automatically, and the two female bodyguards didn’t care