nly heard a slightly older voice in his head:

“Origin Castle…”
On the high ground, on an altar studded with eyes, arms, heads, and entrails.
Crimson blood-like light gushed out like a tide, twisting into a deformed tree-like shadow.
In the buzzing sound, human bones, candles, silver plates, gold boxes and other objects all trembled, as if they could scratch the spirit body.
The praying people around them instinctively lowered their heads and prostrated themselves on the ground.
Then, a clear realization occurred in their minds at the same time:
“The violent sea, the rocky island…”
After seeing the ancient palace above the gray fog and feeling the gentle vibration of the mysterious space, Klein felt that he had a deeper, invisible connection with the so-called “Origin Castle” that was difficult to accurately grasp.
At this moment, he truly had the experience that this place would gradually become his own.
In just a few seconds, all the abnormalities disappeared. Without any delay, Klein asked the two marionettes to put away the items that were still valuable, destroy the remaining parts, and then he took out a piece of paper and shook it away. one time.
With a snap, the paper man ignited with red flames, and dense illusory wings sprouted from his back.
Klein was stunned when he saw it. He didn’t expect that the simple “paper man substitute” interference would have a bit of an “angel’s embrace” flavor.
He immediately grabbed the secret puppet Qonas and the secret puppet Enuni, and disappeared on this island made of rocks with the help of “teleportation”.
After traveling around several islands in the Sunia Sea and making a long circle, Klein finally returned to his residence in the East District of Backlund.
In the process, he used several qualitatively changed “paper man substitutes” to interfere with divination, prophecy, tracking and gaze.
Phew, I didn’t expect that it would really cause changes in “Origin Castle” and produce an unconcealable vision… Fortunately, I was cautious enough and not careless. If I were promoted in Backlund or the surrounding area, Amon and Chara Tu must have “seen” me… Klein breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly walked four steps backwards, entered above the gray fog, and began to do divination.
After confirming that his current situation was safe, he immediately returned to the real world without stopping, and with the help of meditation, he initially restrained his wandering spirituality.
/After completing this step, he leaned back while taking off his clothes, fell on the bed, and fell into a deep sleep.
This in itself is equivalent to digesting a magic potion.
After several hours of deep sleep, Klein slowly opened his eyes and woke up.
He fumbled to sit up, pulled a pillow behind his back, raised his head and rubbed his forehead.
After about ten minutes of relaxation, he completely woke up and began to examine himself:
“It is true that most of the potion was digested just after taking it, at least four-fifths… This is pretty much what I expected… B