ngshui River lightly. A few words.

ngshui River lightly. A few words.
Jiang Shuishui couldn’t help but froze after hearing Liu Gan’s words.
“Speaking of which, I should thank you. It was you who helped me complete the final climb to the top.” Liu Gan laughed.
“You! You!” Jiang Shuishui couldn’t say a word. She killed Zhao Yu, killed Wei Gongjian, let the Pusheng Monkey kill the Yang brothers and sisters, and killed the Pusheng Monkey and the panda with her own hands. Now only she and Liu Gan survived in the competition.
However, even if she killed Liu Gan, she would only be the first in this round and get 10 points, bringing the total points to 30 points. Even if Liu Qian was second in this round, she could still get 7 points, and the total points reached 32 points. She won the final victory of this competition with an advantage of 2 points!
All this was indeed as Liu Qian said, she helped him complete the summit!
“Ah! Ah! Ah!”
Jiang Shuishui knelt on the ground and shouted to the sky. She had tried all her tricks, but in the end she was counted in! How can it be? how could it be possible! Damn cannon fodder! How did he do that?
When the rules of the final round of competition were announced, Liu Qian had already concluded that he would not be able to win this round of competition with his strength, so he could only outsmart or gamble.
After entering the competition arena, Liu Gan was extremely surprised when he found Jiang Shuishui ten meters away to his left.
Everything went as he expected, others temporarily gathered around to watch, while Jiang Shuishui and Wang An both attacked him and Anna.
The winner of this round of competition is now. If he wins the bet, Liu Qian is basically half sure of having the last laugh. If he loses the bet, he can only look for other opportunities, and other opportunities Having the last laugh is almost impossible.
Liu Qian threw out a black mist grenade that Mo Fan gave him, instantly covering him, Anna, Jiang Shuishui and Wang An inside. Then he quickly took out the matching glasses Mo Fan gave him and let himself stand in the black mist. Can see everything.
While putting on his glasses, Liu Qian also called out Chen Haiwang, put on his glasses and took out his sniper rifle, and launched his ‘serial killing’ power on Wang An in the black mist!
The enhanced ‘Thunder Sniper’ shoots ten times in a row!
As level 15 players, Chen Haiwang can cause complete damage to Wang An. Long-range players have always been synonymous with high damage output, especially players who are good at sniping. Once they have the opportunity to calmly shoot, the amount of damage caused It will be astonishingly large.
The ten enhanced versions of the Thunder Snipers all hit Wang An’s body in an instant. While quickly destroying his armor, they also emptied most of the fog armor outside his body!
/Then Liu Gan took action, firing more than a hundred fireballs and a thunder of death that completely killed Wang An. Then he used the disguise talisman to pretend to be Wang An and ran to Jiang Shuishui, and exited wit