wards the building where the magic cabinet was located.

wards the building where the magic cabinet was located.
Although Guo Tian said that the snow-spotted zombies would never bite infected people like them again, it was impossible for people who came here not to be afraid. After all, they had all been bitten and had seen the ferocity of the snow-spotted zombies, and some people had seen the snow-spotted zombies. A scene where spotted zombies eat people.
Fortunately, there were enough people gathered and the crowd was loud, which could embolden each other.
/Nineteen zombies were still lingering inside and outside the building where the magic cabinet was located. When they saw a team of more than 200 infected people gathering in this direction, they had strange expressions on their faces and roared at the crowd. He made a few noises but did not rush to attack.
“We have been bitten by them, and have been infected and mutated. Now they regard us as the same kind and will not attack us! We have to take advantage of them when they are not prepared. A dozen people will focus on one and stand beside them. Follow my orders and launch a surprise attack on them! Knock them to the ground! Then hit them with an ax and hammer and drill their heads with an electric drill!” Wang Shang boldly walked into the snow at Guo Tian’s instigation. In the group of Madara zombies, he told the hundreds of people following him about his tactics.
Sure enough, when those snow-spotted zombies saw Wang Shang approaching, they just came over and sniffed him a few times, without intending to bite him. They probably smelled the familiar smell in Wang Shang’s body, and they were the same kind as them, so they no longer wanted to bite him. Attack him.
/“Everyone, come on! Stand next to them first, and then use your hands to hold them down together! The number of magic medicine is limited! Only those who move their hands can get the magic medicine! Those who are watching from the side have no share!” Wang Si and Zeng Shi Dao and others shouted and rushed over to greet everyone.
“Fight for the magic medicine!”
With Wang Shang’s personal demonstration, the townspeople who were bitten and infected realized that the snow-spotted zombies really stopped biting them and the infected people, and they also rushed over to stand with the snow-spotted zombies. They stood together and waited for Wang Shang to give the order before taking action.
The snow-spotted zombies looked at the infected people around them with a strange expression on their faces. It was obvious that with their extremely simple IQ, they could not figure out what these infected people were here to do. They can smell that these people have been infected, and their bodies all have the same smell as them, which is equivalent to their own kind, so they will not take the initiative to attack these people.
“Are you all standing up?”
“Standing up!”
“There are a total of nineteen zombies inside and outside the house. My nineteen brothers are responsible for handling them. Now report to me in order! All nineteen zombies are nearby and re