e? Anyway, the Wang siblings were not prepared to take Liu Gan’s words seriously.

e? Anyway, the Wang siblings were not prepared to take Liu Gan’s words seriously.
Following the brother and sister around a snowy peak, they entered a very secluded cave that was just covered by a snow-covered boulder. After zigzagging through the entire cave, they walked down a valley. , when they came to a relatively flat snow-covered ground, the brother and sister stood still, looking at the open space in shock.
“What’s wrong?” Liu Gan asked the two of them.
/“The snowmobile we rented was parked here, why is it missing?” The brother and sister looked strange.
Liu Qian felt something abnormal around him in an instant, but he did not show anything and was not prepared to take any special action. It was obvious that there was an ambush around. I wonder if other players wanted to ambush the brother and sister. However, would this kind of ambush be useful to Liu Gan now?
The next moment, several men hiding behind the nearby snow peaks appeared on snowmobiles, holding pistols, assault rifles and other weapons in their hands, and surrounded Liu Gan and the other three.
“You” brother and sister Wang Peng and Wang Lujia saw anger and fear in their eyes when they saw these men.
They were surrounded by this group of people in the wild. They were killed and returned to the resurrection point of the Novice Village. Each of them dropped a level. They lost all the experience points and equipment they had earned from the previous tasks. Unexpectedly, they met them again at this time.
“Haha, have you finally been caught by us again? Let’s see where you are going to escape this time!” The leader of the men looked at Wang Lujia with a very obscene expression.
This person’s name is Zhang Qi, and he has a very perverted personality. During the novice closed beta, he took a mission that triggered a hidden mission and obtained powerful weapons and equipment. He felt that doing missions was boring, so he wandered around outside to kill and tease other players.
Zhang Qi and his companions accidentally wandered nearby and found a snowmobile parked here. They knew that there must be players doing tasks nearby, so they snatched the motorcycle and ambush nearby.
“Let’s play a game, okay? What do we have to grab?” Wang Peng argued with those people.
“Of course you have nothing to grab, but if your sister is willing to do a striptease for the brothers, she will let you go after stripping off. If you don’t dance, then I will send you back to the resurrection point with bullets.” Zhang Qi answered Wang Peng with a lewd smile.
“What’s so exciting about striptease in the game? Why don’t you download a short movie online to watch? Isn’t it much more exciting than this?” Wang Peng continued to argue with Zhang Qi and others.
“These people are very perverted! They often intercept female players who are doing missions outside, threaten to shoot them and send them back to the resurrection point to be downgraded to grab equipment, and force the female players to do a striptease!” Wang Lujia blushed and turned to Liu Qian beside