and the bedding underneath her had also disappeared.

and the bedding underneath her had also disappeared.
The owner of the perspective walked over to Anna’s bed and gently patted Anna on the shoulder.
Anna turned over and hugged her body, but still didn’t wake up.
The owner of the perspective pushed Anna’s body again. Anna finally woke up and suddenly sat up from the bed. She hugged her body tightly. It was obvious that she felt very cold now.
Anna shouted several times into the room, calling Guo Tian, ??Liu Qian and Jiang Jinyuan, but received no response. Then Anna took out a small flashlight from her body and looked around. When she looked at the owner of the perspective, it was obvious that she saw nothing. Then she screamed, probably discovering the rust on the wall. trace.
“Am I really asking for help in the wall?” After Guo Tian saw his face in the wall, he also felt a chill in his back. Anna, why are you having such a terrifying dream? And dragged me into it.
Looking at everything on the big screen, Zhang Mengdi’s expression became more and more frightened, and her breathing became heavier and heavier. It was obvious that she also recalled some things.
“Sister, have you thought of anything?” Anna asked Zhang Mengdi.
“After seeing it, I remembered. I did have such a dream last night. It was exactly the same as what I saw on the big screen. I couldn’t control my body in that dream. I just followed you and looked at you. I don’t know. Why, I really don’t know why,” Zhang Mengdi said and started crying again.
/“It seems that if I don’t mean anything, you won’t tell the truth! If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll cut off your little finger!” Liu Qian took out the fruit knife from his body and pulled Zhang Mengdi’s handle It was pressed on the seat next to it, and the fruit knife was raised high.
“Don’t cut my finger! It hurts! I really don’t know anything!” Zhang Mengdi was so frightened that he burst into tears.
“Brother Liu, don’t do this, you’re scaring little sister.” Anna reluctantly persuaded Liu Gan.
“Yes, cute sister may really know nothing.” Guo Tian also advised Liu Qian from the side.
“This is in a dream. She won’t die if you cut off her finger. What are you afraid of?” Liu Gan’s fruit knife really cut it, and cut off a small piece of Zhang Mengdi’s little finger with force.
Zhang Mengdi let out an extremely shrill scream, and then cried until he died.
“Uh” Guo Tian looked at the cute girl distressedly. Mr. Liu was too cruel, right? Can you bear to attack such a cute little girl?
“Does it hurt? Then can you tell us the truth? Otherwise it will hurt even more if you cut off another finger!” Liu Qian continued to question Zhang Mengdi with a fierce look on his face. At first, the White Bone Demon showed his cuteness in front of Tang Seng and deceived the stupid Tang Seng, but he could not deceive the sharp-eyed Sun Dasheng.
“Sister Meng, what are you hiding from us? Tell us now, otherwise Brother Liu will be very angry. If Brother Liu is angry, the problem will be serious.” Anna didn’t expect Liu Qianzhen to cut of