hotel closest to China Shipping, and Tesla has arranged a room for every staff member attending the press conference.

hotel closest to China Shipping, and Tesla has arranged a room for every staff member attending the press conference.
In a standard room, Wang Qin was applying medicine and carefully wiping his ankles, baring his teeth from time to time and making a “humming” sound in his mouth.
Half a year has passed, and I still have five hours of physical training every day. These five hours were a hellish existence not only for Wang Qin, but also for the twelve girls.
No one gave up, and everyone could see how much the two men valued their twelve girls.
In half a year, I can actually make my debut a long time ago! But no, at first it was Zhao Song who was pressing, and after Zhao Song, it was Takahashi Masaya who was pressing.
How much money those two men spent on them, they had a rough idea of ??how much they had spent on them at first, but now they didn’t even dare to calculate it.
/Until now, regardless of their performance level, if the twelve girls put on the costumes specially customized for them by Weiwei Group, not to mention Zhao Song, even the experienced Takahashi Masaya would have his eyes shining brightly.
In his words, “One or two may not be as good as Amuro Namie in terms of style, but twelve of them put together will definitely win!”
What does it mean to put twelve of them together and fight in a group?
“That’s Namie Amuro!” Thinking of this, Wang Qin pursed her lips and couldn’t help laughing. She changed her foot and felt less pain even before the medicine was applied.
“Beep~” the sound of card swiping sounded.
“Bump!” The door was knocked open.
Then, Yu Li ran in hurriedly.
“Sister Qin, pack your things quickly!”
“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to have breakfast?”
Yu Li breathed heavily, “The school leader called and told us to go back.”
“What’s the matter?” Wang Qin was surprised I asked, I had already received my graduation certificate. What will happen at school?
“Starting from today, we will rehearse in the morning and go back to school for intensive training in the afternoon and into the evening!” Yu Li became more and more excited as she spoke, “Sister Qin, Professor Wang called me, you will be taught by him personally!”
Wang Qin was stunned, and the circles in his eyes slowly became Blushing, Professor Wang rejected her postgraduate application because she participated in the Twelve Women’s Band. Unexpectedly,
forgetting the pain in her ankle, Wang Qin quickly stood up and packed her things with Yu Li.
“Yu Li, how could this happen?”
Yu Li said with a rosy face and dancing: “The trailer is popular! When we were eating in the cafeteria just now, everyone was talking about the trailer.
Also, it was all over the newspapers, all the newspapers !”
“What does this have to do with the school asking us to undergo intensive training?” Wang Qin had already expected the trailer. With such a gorgeous stage and such a top-notch team, there is no reason why it would not be popular. In comparison, people like myself are the laggards.
“Zhao Song said, it seems to have attra