four million. It was in that alchemy laboratory that the great wizard Merlin worked. A place where miracles happen.

four million. It was in that alchemy laboratory that the great wizard Merlin worked. A place where miracles happen.
Farrow calmed down in front of the stairs, calmed down his excitement, and then slowly walked up the stairs and walked into the magical alchemy laboratory.
As soon as Farrow entered the door, he saw smoke filling the alchemy table. A crucible filled with thick liquid was making a “servant” sound on the flame. A young archmage in black robes was nervously talking in front of the alchemy table. He was busy, and when he saw Farrow coming in, he just nodded: “You’re just in time, come and help me.”
“Okay.” There was an excitement in Farrow’s voice that was difficult to conceal, because Farrow He knew that Archmage Merlin was about to start giving him guidance.
/In fact, this time, Farrow only guessed half of it right.
The reason why Lin Yun appeared in the alchemy laboratory at this time was not entirely to give guidance to Farro. The harvest from this trip to the Poison Mist Canyon has exceeded Lin Yun’s imagination. Not to mention anything else, just the Garden of Death The stone slab obtained is at least a component of the True Spirit level or above.
/It is above the true spirit level and is a component. Even in the peak era, this kind of treasure was enough for countless powerful mages to fight for, but now it fell into Lin Yun’s hands so quietly.
This made Lin Yun naturally have more expectations for the Prince’s Tomb.
However, the last time he went to the Poison Mist Canyon, he just went to find the Poisonous Snake’s Nest. He did not expect to go deep into the Prince’s Tomb, so Lin Yun was more prepared. There were some shortcomings, including more than a dozen bottles of magic spring potion and a bottle of hope potion. In addition, there were no alchemical potions to replenish magic power and treat injuries. This directly led to Lin Yun not daring to do anything after breaking out of the Garden of Death. After continuing deeper into the mausoleum, I could only return to Qianfan City with full of regrets.
The next time you go to the Prince’s Tomb, you should be more prepared. After all, Lin Yun’s goal is the Eye of Reincarnation deep in the tomb!
This is the real reason why Lin Yun appeared in the alchemy laboratory. As for giving guidance to Faro, it was just incidental.
Because of the power of the blood spell, it can be said that undead creatures are rampant in the Prince’s Tomb. In addition, he will soon go to the Bone Site. Therefore, what Lin Yun is preparing now is naturally an alchemical potion to deal with undead creatures.
Speaking of which, the potion alchemists of this era really don’t have many ways to deal with undead creatures. Most of the time, this is the work of the enchanting alchemist or the magic circle alchemist. A weapon enchanted with the holy light attribute, and a weapon to scare the undead. The biological magic circle can greatly improve the combat effectiveness when facing undead creatures.
But this is only for alchemists of this era.
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