towel he was waiting at the end of the bed, and then came to the computer desktop.

towel he was waiting at the end of the bed, and then came to the computer desktop.
At this time, the progress bar had reached its peak. Lu Li opened the 3DMAX software, poured in the CAD file, and a cuboid three-dimensional model appeared in front of him.
Colorless is pure white. Lu Li skillfully filled in the colors and started modeling. After the operation was completed, Lu Li stopped spending time in front of the computer. God knows how long it took to complete the model. He tiredly climbed onto the bed. Fall into sleep quickly.
12:30 noon.
Lu Li woke up with a sense of hunger. He got up with difficulty. The soreness all over his body told him that this was the sequelae of staying up late.
After rubbing his face, Lu Li saw Zhao Song sitting in front of the computer.
“When did you wake up?”
“It didn’t take long! Did you wake up?” Zhao Song didn’t look back, his eyes didn’t leave the computer screen, and he kept staring at the white rectangular parallelepiped.
“It’s almost done,” Lu Li stood up, walked behind Zhao Song, and looked at the computer screen, “How is it? How different is it from what you had in mind?”
Lu Li breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s almost good.”
/Zhao Song Turning around, he gave him a funny look, “You are now a big money fan, just like Dong Lingyun.”
“Fifty thousand yuan.” Lu Li curled his lips indifferently, “Zhao Song, the invitation letter from Germany has been I’ve sent it, and I expect to leave by the end of September at the latest.”
Zhao Song looked at him in surprise and asked, “Aren’t you going to be a senior at Huaqing?”
Lu Li scratched his head in embarrassment, “I have enough credits. I’ve already graduated with a bachelor’s degree. ”
Don’t talk about common sense with top academics. Zhao Song rolled his eyes at Lu Li, turned around and copied the model into the USB drive before standing up.
“Before you leave, move all the machines to Zhonghai’s office. I’ll give you an IBM laptop later.”
“I’ll kill you.” Lu Li glanced at him with contempt before continuing: “I’ll send it to you in the next two days, and then I’ll give it to you.” After returning to my hometown, we will go
. Said: “The discrimination against Chinese in Germany in Europe should be very severe. When you get there, just learn your major well and don’t care too much about other things.”
Lu Li nodded.
“When you decide when to return to your hometown, send me a letter in advance and let Ermao take you to the airport.”

/14:30 pm, conference room of Jiaming Pacific Headquarters.
Sister Da Da sat on the chair and played with the cosmetics Zhao Song brought her with great interest.
“Zhao Song, this set of things isn’t cheap, is it?”
“Of course, that’s Lanc?me.” Zhao Song was operating the projector and said without raising his head, “Women, you should treat yourself better.”
“You’re the one who said weird things . “More!” Sister Da Da put away her cosmetics and continued, “I’m pretty good to myself.”
Zhao Song raised his head and glanced