to be a force ambushing the Fusac people, specifically looking for a suitable place. This was confirmed by many sailors who were present at the time;

The second is to downplay the autonomy of subsequent actions. He only said that the night he was exploring the elf ruins, he dreamed of a certain female high-level elf and drank a glass of wine from her. Nothing unusual happened after that, so he didn’t pay too much attention to it. When he came to the Rhosid Islands, One night after I woke up from a deep sleep, I suddenly found myself entering a gorgeous palace on the seabed, and picked up a piece of coral that glowed with lightning.
/Although there are many witnesses and physical evidence that Alger’s description is true, “Sea King” Yan Cotman did not fully believe it and sent him back to Pasu Island to undergo the review of Pope Gad II.
With the help of “Angel’s Embrace”, Alger seemed to be trembling in front of the “tyrant”-like aura. He confessed without reservation that after meeting the female upper elf in his dream, he developed certain ambitions and took the initiative to go there. The Rhoside Islands hoped to receive the inheritance, but in fact they covered up the core secrets and the most serious problems.
/He passed the review by confessing his “ambition”. As for whether the female high-ranking elf gave him adventure because he had some elf blood, or whether she had some hidden purpose, he said he didn’t know, and hoped that His Majesty the Pope could Investigate the answers and give yourself peace of mind.
Alger demonstrated that fear of the unknown, leading the cardinals to believe that this was the primary reason for reporting his adventure.
This plan was designed by Alger himself, but with the advice of Miss Justice, every link was made more humane.
Of course, as expected, after that, Alger did not wait for the promotion ceremony, but entered a period of investigation.
——The Holy Archbishop of the Church of Storms, an angel on earth, strengthened the seal in Alger’s body so that the characteristics of the “Disaster Priest” could not penetrate and affect him for two years.
For more than half a year, Alger led the pirate fleet assigned to him, worked hard to harass the ships of Fusac and Feneport, and even directly participated in naval battles. He took great risks and made great achievements again and again, fully fulfilling his mission. Showing his devotion to the Lord of Storms and his obedience to the orders of the church.
Finally, after the recent Battle of Rothschild, when the situation became increasingly difficult, he received the approval of the Council of Cardinals.
Alger took a deep breath, then fisted his right chest and shouted loudly:
“The storm is coming!”
His excitement was half performance and half heartfelt, because in the past six months, he has really been under a lot of pressure:
Ms. “Hermit” has finished digesting the “Occultist” potion and is preparing to be promoted to Sequence 3 “Master of Prophecy”;
Although Miss Justice has not yet completely digested the “Manip