Zhao Song was playing with a bunch of electronic devices, including cell phones, walkie-talkies, PDAs, and even a pager he found somewhere.
Finally, someone among the international shareholders became impatient:
“Hey, Nicholas, you are wasting your time!”
Xingsheng sat aside holding his mobile phone and sneered: “He has probably made up his mind. Obviously, in his heart, the three links and one reach are more important.” Silla is much more important!”
/Zhao Song raised his head and smiled at Xingsheng.
“Don’t laugh, kid,” Xingsheng said sinisterly, “Are you waiting for the signal to be restored? I’m waiting too. I promise I won’t give it to you for even a minute. When the time comes, my people will use three links and one to reach manpower. Your identity will send a message to all front-line drivers, which will make you lose trust with the government, be scolded by the masses, and ruin your reputation!
Zhao Song, you should believe this, we have been planning for so long, and we can still do it by inserting a few people in advance!”
“I know that these drivers are all veterans, but I don’t believe that in the face of personal gains and losses, all drivers dare to refuse orders and risk their lives on the front line!”
Zhao Song stopped, ignored the villain, and looked at Zhao Song Rong, asked softly: “Sister Da Da, my signature is almost the same as him. As long as you support me, will I hold the controlling share? I promise that after the listing, you will be the president of Tesla Group!”
Zhao Rong smiled lightly: ” I said I would support it, do you believe it?”
Zhao Song lowered his head and thought, then raised his head again. This time, he looked at his former partners behind Zhao Rong:
“Demolishing Tesla will not take away the flower-growing business. Soundfield’s core business is in the United States, but so what if it is a Fortune 500 company. I guarantee you that when Soundfield returns to China again, what you will see will be a pirated version. A rampant market! ”
The file was pushed in front of Xingsheng.
Zhao Rong chuckled and said, “Zhao Song, the world’s cultural center is in the West. I don’t think there will be much loss if Shengtian lacks a flower market. Besides, instead of In order to break the market here, we might as well let Miyuki Nakajima come back.”
Zhao Song ignored Zhao Rong, who was sulking, and raised three fingers to his former partner, “As long as three people, as long as three people hand over the power of attorney to me, I promise you, the number of shares of these three people will increase.” Three times! ”
The rebel generals looked at each other and then bowed their heads in silence.
He would rather give them more shares than promise to reinstate them. Perhaps in his mind, they had been eliminated long ago.
Zhao Song was disappointed. He scanned the whole place again, passing by the silent Wen Jing, passing by the smiling Nancy, and finally focused on Liao Yingzhu.
Zhuzi made an extremely small gesture and shook his head regretfully.