o fight this battle?

o fight this battle?
Lin Yun didn’t know this, so he bowed slightly and performed a very formal mage ceremony.
“Your Excellency Labrador, please.”
At this moment, Labrador had no way to refuse. He smiled bitterly and took out a pure silver metal staff and returned Lin Yun’s bow.
“Your Excellency Mafa, please take the first move.”
Labrador was polite. Lin Yun looked around at the mages and wanted to say that you made the first move, but after thinking about it, he just entered the ancestral land, so doing so was a bit disrespectful. .
He simply spit out two runes, and four shields appeared around his body. Earth, fire, water, wind, and four elemental shields slowly rotated around Lin Yun’s body.
The next moment, Lin Yun chanted three rapid syllables again, and in an instant, the dragon staff lit up with a bright but not dazzling light.
Suddenly, six flame vortexes and six frost vortexes appeared above Lin Yun’s head, just like opening a plane channel full of elemental spells.
Fire spells and frost spells were sprayed out crazily from twelve ten-meter-high whirlpools. These spells were twisted and turned into a torrent of spells. Then the flames and ice were like tornadoes, spinning and twisting together. After colliding with each other, they became It turned into an even more violent ice and fire storm.
In an instant, the surrounding area of ??hundreds of meters was completely enveloped by the violent elemental power. Labrador’s expression changed and he put on a space protection for himself without thinking.
A layer of twisted space turned into an arc to block Laburdo’s surroundings, and the violent force that hit the space defense disappeared as if it had rushed into a space channel.
At the same time, hundreds of meters away, the space in mid-air suddenly fluctuated, and a violent ice and fire spell storm suddenly appeared, slamming into the fog layer.
The entire fog layer began to fluctuate, and runes exuding terrifying power emerged one after another. Wherever the fog layer was attacked, the space was rapidly solidified, and the torrent of spells was like a giant hammer hitting the rubber. Same as the wall.
The mist layer was overturned, creating a huge pit, and more and more runes appeared around it. After a few seconds, runes appeared in the mist layer within a range of four to five hundred meters.
Suddenly, the runes that appeared in the mist layer seemed to strengthen the mist layer to the extreme. The large pit that was several hundred meters in size suddenly bounced back, and the attacks that had been diverted by the space protection bounced back instantly.
/The torrent of spells that bounced back and the torrent of attacking spells collided with each other on Labrador’s space defense. The violent force instantly tore Labrador’s space defense into pieces. In
an instant, Labrador’s face changed, and his body… A silver brilliance flashed across his face, and his body appeared dozens of meters away in an instant. Where he just stood, cracks appeared on the hard ground, and the