ce. What’s worse is that you often can’t control your mouth.

In terms of cultivation, arcana and magic are still very close. At least in Hudson’s view, the core essence of these two seemingly different professions is the same.
/A magician is not necessarily an excellent arcanist, but an arcanist must be an excellent magician. In particular, many old magicians who have reached the end of their cultivation and are unable to break through have chosen to cross the border.
The constant supply of tap water is the reason why arcanists can survive under the pressure of the Holy See.
In contrast, other “heretical professionals” have declined in the past few years.
The Frankish Kingdom and the Alpha Kingdom support the Arcane Academy, largely because these wild arcane masters are the top leaders of major forces in the country.
After all, apart from occasionally having fun, arcanists spend most of their time doing research and rarely have time to do anything.
This is unmatched by other heretical professions.
Except for a few heretical professions that were imposed by the Holy See in order to spread their faith, most heretical professions are true heretics.
To support new forces to oppose the Holy See, it is natural to choose those who are strong and less harmful to society.
“Tom, send someone down to summon the frontline generals to come over for a meeting in three days.”
After returning to the territory, Hudson, whose buttocks were not even hot from sitting, immediately gave the order.
The “blasphemy storm” subsided, but the situation within the human race also became increasingly chaotic.
All the major forces are trying to compete for the inherited artifact, and the already tense international relations have become increasingly worse.
If it weren’t for the alien alliance on the side, which eased the internal fighting among the human race to a certain extent, I am afraid that the Holy See and the Frankish Kingdom would have started fighting at this moment.
What the two sides are now competing for is no longer pure interests, but the “theocratic legal system” that is vital to the life and death of the Holy See. The Holy See has no retreat at all.
As the initiator, Alpha Kingdom also followed suit. Pretending to be ignorant, he sent a treasure hunting team to search for the inherited artifact.
The entire human world is in one word – chaos.
Usually at such a sensitive moment, the most important thing to be wary of is aliens taking advantage of the situation.
Hudson, the alien alliance, is not worried. If this big guy moves, the human race’s internal fighting will immediately press the pause button.
After all, the top leaders of the major forces are not stupid. Everyone is the owner of a big family and a big business, so it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.
It seems that all parties are now making a serious fuss, but in fact everyone is still at the stage of talking.
The biggest conflict is nothing more than the Holy See and the Frankish Kingdom each controlling a vest trumpet and causing trouble on the