uan’s name has already shocked many gangsters in the slums.

uan’s name has already shocked many gangsters in the slums.
Li Meng’s eyes showed a look of despair.
Hu Niu, whom he most wanted to see, did not appear, nor did Ma Dabiao. His legs were as heavy as lead.
Kneel down!
Kneel down!
Kneel down!
Li Meng’s legs slowly bent, and slowly bent,
“Li Meng.” Suddenly, a plain voice sounded in the suffocating and suppressed air.
It was Liu Fei’s voice, it was Liu Fei’s voice!
/This voice seemed to have magical power, and Li Meng’s body was like dew after a long drought, filled with endless power in an instant.
“Kill!” The voice softly uttered one word.
Suddenly, Li Meng let out an earth-shattering roar. His originally bent body jumped up like a spring and punched!
“Crack” was a heart-stopping sound of fracture.
“Ah ah”
Brother Xuan looked in pain, covered his throat in fear, and made a disorderly sound. What happened was so sudden, Li Meng, who was as docile as a herbivore just now, suddenly became He hit a carnivorous beast, and he was caught off guard. The powerful punch hit Brother Xuan’s throat hard. This was a fatal punch. Brother Xuan needed to protect his neck with his hands to prevent his head from falling.
“Kneel down for Brother Meng!”
Li Meng seemed to be possessed by a god. He was still cowardly and cautious at the beginning, but his whole person became taller and more powerful. After smashing Brother Xuan’s throat with a punch, he actually ignored Brother Xuan’s back. Ten wolf-like men walked up to the staggering Brother Xuan, grabbed Brother Xuan’s hair with one hand, and struck Brother Xuan on the shoulder with one palm. Brother Xuan’s body was violently struck. Have to kneel on the ground.
/It wasn’t until Brother Xuan was struck by Li Meng’s palm that he knelt down and let out a heart-rending scream. Only then did the dozens of big men behind him react from the shock and went crazy. Amidst the roar, dozens of people rushed towards Li. At the same time, a ghost-like figure rushed into the surging crowd. The light of the sword flickered in the blood, and screams came and went. He was forced to contain it. The raging tide.
“Brothers, kill!”
Li Meng waved his hand and shouted loudly. Hundreds of people around him were awakened by the passionate voice and rushed towards the dozens of big men like a tide. In an instant, dozens of big men were drowned.
Seeing hundreds of people drowning dozens of people, Liu Fei couldn’t help but wipe his sweat. Fortunately, he saw the opportunity and got out early!
The battle ended in just ten seconds. Although the dozens of big men were fierce and brave, there were too many people on Li Meng’s side, and they were too close. They were so crowded that they couldn’t even wield their weapons. He opened it and immediately lost his fighting power. After being beaten to pieces and losing his fighting power, he was thrown in front of Li Meng like mud. At this time, Li Meng was still twisting Brother Xuan’s head. In fact, if Li Meng hadn’t twisted Brother Xuan’s head,