er this. He’s here.”

er this. He’s here.”
Said these words calmly, which made everyone who was still doubtful become more convinced that this person is probably the deity.
“If you are really Ba Xiaoshan, then what do you want to do? Want to cause trouble?” The master of ceremonies was so frightened that he took a few steps back, seemingly trying to hide under the high platform. At the same time, the guards protecting the high platform had also come up and surrounded the masked man.
“Haha. Just these soldiers and crab generals, you want to take me?” He shouted arrogantly, and before the guards took action, the masked man surrounded in the middle suddenly struck first, still at the speed of lightning, sweeping with his sharp claws . In an instant, he knocked down the guards from both directions. The guards in the other two directions saw that the situation was not good and hurriedly took out their weapons, but it was already too late. The masked man suddenly turned around and killed one of the guards with a punch. The other guard roared: “Destroy you!”
/But the words were loud, but there was nothing he could do if he didn’t have good skills. The masked man suddenly rushed over, grabbed the guard’s neck with one hand, and used the other hand to kill the guard.
“Is there anyone else? Kill the few who come up!” the masked man yelled excitedly.
“It’s not really Ba Xiaoshan, is it? He’s so capable.”
“The ruthlessness of killing people is a bit like, awesome, really awesome!”
The people around had already said it, and there were six or seven people present at this time. Cheng believed the rumors of the resurrection. But at this moment, Zhong Baibian, who was standing on the high platform, shook his head slightly and said, “You are not him.”
“Haha, I am not? Are you afraid of fighting me, Uncle Zhong?” The masked man smiled arrogantly. road.
“Although your temperament is somewhat similar to his, you are not him. He will not yell like you. You are imitating him, but you are only imitating a superficial level. Moreover, although you deliberately concealed the use of demonic energy , but you can’t hide it from me. You are a demon cultivator, and Ba Xiaoshan is not. He can’t master the skills of a demon cultivator like you in just six years, so you are just pretending to be him. What Nian said was reasonable and well-founded. For a while, I thought the rumors of resurrection from the dead were true, but now I think they are false.
“Haha, you’ve said a lot. As long as I take off this mask, your words will be defeated!” The man wearing the mask raised his hand, apparently to reveal his true appearance.
Zhong BaBa looked at the person standing below indifferently. Without any hesitation, he knew that the man wearing the mask was not the real person.
The mask separated from his face little by little, and he was about to take it off. Suddenly there was strange smoke floating around, and soon the entire high platform was shrouded in smoke, and the person standing in the middle could not be seen.
“Mysterious!” Zhong Baba snorted co