es and disappeared.

es and disappeared.
Buzz! !
The transparent ripples slowly glowed with white light, and then exploded into countless light spots, slowly dimming and dissipating.
“It’s finally begun… The eighty-eighth palace of Xingyuan, let’s see who can rush to the first palace first…” Mifei said with a smile.
“Speaking of which, who is the guardian of the first palace?” Wei He asked.
“There is a new lord under the command of His Majesty Barron, called Silence Tuo. It is said that he was the Black Flame Lord who was only achieved last year. He has no achievements after becoming a lord. I don’t know how he became a close confidant of His Majesty Barron.” Mi Feiyi pointed out. .
Wei He said nothing.
In fact, he was skeptical about the so-called Eighty-Eight Palace level game.
/No matter what, every defender of the Eighty-eight Palaces, even the weakest, is a Black Flame Lord. If it were replaced by a human psychic system, it would be a level above the immortal level.
This level, coupled with the terrifying immortality and regeneration power of the Black Flame Lords.
No matter how powerful the Restarter is, it is impossible to break through the guard, and maybe even the first house cannot be broken through.
Is such a level-breaking game a bit too difficult for these restarters whose average per capita is only at the level of a sublimator?
After all, they have crossed two great realms…
“If you have any doubts, if you have doubts, just go and see for yourself and you will know.” Mifei seemed to have guessed his thoughts from the side.
“You mean… a true restarter, even if he only has the power of an ascender, can pass all the levels?”
/Wei He asked in return.
Mifei didn’t reply, just shook her head slightly.
Seeing that he didn’t want to say more, Wei He had an idea in his mind.
The main consciousness immediately entered the last spacecraft just now.
Sitting in the main control cabin and on the driver’s seat was none other than Wei He, another human being who had just arrived from the Ulan Galaxy.
Next to Wei He was floating a black figure with a black body and only one eye on his head.
“It’s over, it’s over… I just focused on playing around every day. Now that the desperate wandering is about to start, we haven’t prepared anything yet!
For ten years, Tiantian has been eating, drinking and having fun, and we haven’t gone to fight against other restarters! Your physical strength now It’s not enough! !”
Kuromeyi rolled and twisted in mid-air, his expression extremely distorted.
You know, once Wei He fails, he will also suffer terrible punishment.
Originally, he thought it was still early. After all, according to the last life progression game, the final game would not be played so soon, right? ? ?
“Don’t worry, in the worst case I will just admit defeat when the time comes.” Wei He said calmly.
“It would be nice if it was that simple!! Even if you want to admit defeat, others may not be willing to let you go!!?” Kuromeichi said frantically.
“Don’t worry, anyone who can get t