completely opened. And at that time, not only Yue Cheng will be killed, but all the creatures here!

completely opened. And at that time, not only Yue Cheng will be killed, but all the creatures here!
“Hey, Yue Cheng, what are you doing?” he shouted loudly.
“Don’t move!” The gunmen surrounding Uncle Jia were surrounded. He held up his gun to prevent him from talking. Uncle Jia realized that no one around him noticed anything strange about Yue Cheng. He finally couldn’t sit still with anxiety. He knocked down the two gunmen who had no time to pull the trigger with one punch and one palm, and then went straight towards Yue Cheng. The evil aura lingered all around, and the people around him were not as advanced as Uncle Jia. They couldn’t see through the evil aura, and they didn’t think that their boss would do such terrible things. After discovering that Uncle Jia had knocked out two gunmen, he immediately surrounded them!
“Go away, Yue Cheng wants to kill you, so get out of the way!” He roared, punching out like a sharp knife, knocking down the two people blocking the road in front of him to the ground in an instant, but the people surrounding him got more and more. Come more and more. At this time, Yue Cheng, who was in the evil aura, had already put his hand on the last lock, which was the final seal to release the evil Rakshasa. Yue Cheng pulled the lock, his face was cold but there was blood flowing from his eyes and nostrils. He lowered his head, and the whites of his eyes glowed with black and green light. When the dragon lock was slowly opened, the corners of his mouth were exposed. A hint of sneer. At this moment, no one can stop him. The only possible one, Uncle Jia, is surrounded by everyone.
The dragon lock was slowly opened. When the lock was completely disconnected, evil energy surged out from the glass vessel. At this moment, both humans and demons felt that the deepest fear in their hearts was boundless under the strong evil energy. freed.
It was a disaster, a disaster that was not planned. Perhaps all this was in Old Man Tao’s plan. He improved the evil Rakshasa and told Yue Cheng the method that only had half a chance of success. He never deceived Yue Cheng from beginning to end, but Yue Cheng’s death was part of his plan. Because he never told Yue Cheng that qualifications are required to activate the evil Rakshasa, and now Yue Cheng does not have it in terms of cultivation or status.
Yue Cheng opened five locks that were supposed to seal the evil Rakshasa, and a large amount of evil energy poured out. This time it was not in an illusion, but in reality. The evil Rakshasa slowly walked out of the glass coffin.
/It moves very slowly. The fragile bones made a “click” sound during the collision, and it staggered on the ground, with evil energy attached to its body. It transformed into a black coat.
“What’s going on?” At this moment, everyone realized that something was wrong and looked at the evil Rakshasa in surprise.
The mummy stood under the bloody moonlight, slowly raising its hands and looking at the sky with its black-green eyes. Then I took a deep breath, opened my mouth and whi