ange thing is that since that kid wants an excuse, Why don’t you just put on a show and get knocked down?”

ange thing is that since that kid wants an excuse, Why don’t you just put on a show and get knocked down?”
“Maybe it’s because of his character. It’s obvious that he is a arrogant and arrogant guy. That’s crazy.”
“But if he treats the Ling family like this, the Ling family can’t say anything secretly,” Luo Qiong asked in confusion.
I smiled and said, “This is not something we have to worry about.”
Sure enough, the next day, the Haotian family released the news, causing a huge turmoil in the world. The Haotian family withdrew from the Ling family. Having a mortal enemy with me means that I am very likely to take this opportunity to win over the Ling family. For a while, all the forces in the world began to pay attention to the Ling family’s marriage proposal meeting.
Three days later, the Haotian family’s marriage proposal team arrived at Yuyang Ling’s house.
Lingqun and Lingsa had been waiting at the door early in the morning. It’s just that the faces of the two guys were not very good. After the marriage proposal procession stopped, Haoran walked out yawning in the strong wind.
/“We have prepared some tea inside, please sit inside.” Although Lingqun was holding back the anger in his heart, his face did not dare to explode, and he still respectfully invited Hao Ran inside.
In the hall of the Ling family, Hao Ran sat lazily on a chair. After drinking a sip of tea, he shook his head and squinted his eyes with a tired look on his face. Lingqun looked at him and said calmly: “After a long journey, we are ready to go to the house, but before you take a rest, there are some things I want to confirm with you.”
“If you have anything, please tell me quickly.” Hao Ranbu How to speak happily.
“I want to confirm. It is said outside that the Haotian family is not involved in the grudge between our Ling family and Ba Xiaoshan. Is this news coming from you? After all, there are too many false rumors in the world. It is possible that someone took advantage of you. “Name.” Lingqun still spoke cautiously, and Haoran shook his head nonchalantly and said, “That’s what I said.”
“What do you mean?” Lingqun’s face became more and more ugly, but he still tried his best to restrain his tone.
“Then let’s be more precise. It is indeed what I said. Ba Xiaoshan and I met a few days ago and had a bet. I lost. So I am willing to admit defeat. On behalf of the Haotian family, I declare that I will not participate in your relationship. Personal grudges.” After finishing speaking, he took a sip of tea and crossed his legs.
/“You violated the agreement between us!” Lingsa couldn’t help but feel angry. The current head of the Ling family, who had spent a long time abroad, almost made a scene, and his tone became much more serious.
However, Haoran opened his eyes slightly and glanced at Lingsa, his tone suddenly turned cold. He said gloomily: “Are you questioning me? Mortal.”
Lingsa knew that he had lost his composure and kept his mouth shut. Lingqun hurriedly came out to smooth things over and said: “After all, there is an