cliff and was almost embedded in it, with blood everywhere on her body.

At this time, she took out an item, which was a rectangular diamond-shaped charm.
“Yesterday comes again”!
/In high-level battles, there are actually very few opportunities to use spells. No one will take the initiative to leave time for the opponent to take out the spells and recite incantations. The reason why Triss can complete the corresponding actions is because she burns from the inside out. The evil black flames appeared, and the black flames seemed to absorb all the heat from the surrounding area, causing thick ice crystals to form there. Outside the ice crystals, nearly invisible spider threads were wrapped around each other in reverse, layer by layer, A huge cocoon is formed.
Relying on these three layers of defense, Triss bought a second or two, so she took out a rectangular diamond-like charm, opened her mouth and recited:
Transparent flames ignited in the evil black flames, and the diamond-like spell disintegrated silently and merged into the void.
This was specially provided by Klein to the witch in order to convert the damage in three directions into the main attack point.
Triss immediately saw the gray mist, and found that the scenes in the past were like stars, densely covered there:
There is him who wandered the streets when he was a child, there is him who is controlled by gangs, tricked, abducted and stolen, there is him who joins the Gnostic Society and becomes an “assassin”, there is him who enjoys endings, enjoying bloody massacres, and enjoying people being instigated to tear off their masks. He revealed the nature of a beast, she had to take the initiative to become a “witch” for various reasons, she began to spread disasters, she was arranged by the witch sect to become the mistress of Prince Edsac, and she became more and more… The less like herself she is, the more she becomes addicted to pleasure, the one who is extremely panicked and longs to escape, but falls into a deeper hell, and the one who endures endless pain and chooses extremes.
With a thought, Triss’s image enlarged and filled her entire field of vision.
/In the light spot, the lawn outside the window is lush, horses are walking slowly, and golf holes are vaguely visible. Inside the house, museum cabinets filled with antiques block the view from the door.
Triss was standing at the edge, looking outside, wearing a sapphire ring on her left hand.
At that time, she was not yet at Sequence 5, and she did not have the power that she needed to borrow now. However, she had a ring from the Witch Sect that was closely related to the “Original Witch”.
This is the ring that Triss wants to borrow!
Suddenly, this unique ring set with sapphires appeared on Triss’s little finger. Different from the past, Triss now has integrated into the mark, surrendered to the “original witch”, and has undergone great transformation. The Sequence 4 Demigod.
In other words, although she is not yet a solid “divine vessel”, she is already qualified in this reg