su Island.

This is not to say that the Church of Storms is passive and slow in its work. The activeness of the church’s power in the Loen Army, the high-altitude defenses in major cities, and the various activities of the demigods all show that the Church of Storms is seriously fighting against the aggression of the Feysac Empire, but it is not enough. Fight hard.
“Is it because we are still in the early stages of the war? The church wants to retain some of its power until the critical moment?” Aljack controlled his inner thoughts and waited for further information.
/In the evening, another group of sailors returned, but this time the news had nothing to do with the war.
“Captain, there seems to be some monster lurking on this island. Many pirates said that after drinking too much, they encountered terrible things when they went out to urinate. Some of them were slapped hard by the branches of trees, and some saw themselves Fruits grew on their bodies, and they were all filled with blood and flesh, and some encountered lanky ghosts, ghosts with faces full of wheat grains…” A sailor who was still sober described the rumors he had heard.
Ghost legends… Alger had no intention of finding out the truth. He nodded and warned seriously:
“Don’t go out for activities at night.”
After Backlund and Pulitzer Harbor became strange stories, Klein never went to those hospitals again, fearing that he would directly encounter Zaratul’s Secret Puppet.
Relying on his “creeping hunger” and ability to “travel”, he expanded the scope of creating terrifying legends, sometimes in the Sonia Sea, sometimes in the Sea of ??Mist, sometimes in Lemberg, sometimes in Feneport, sometimes appearing in Traveling to places such as East and West Balam, plateau valleys, etc., and not following any rules, relying entirely on temporary inspiration, some cities will be visited two or three times, and some will not be set foot in once.
During this process, Klein had an inexplicable strange feeling, that is, invisible tentacles stretched out from the terrifying darkness, either tracing his whereabouts, or trying to predict and intercept in advance, silent and cold, Once they get entangled, the consequences are disastrous.
Klein knew that this might be the “searching” from Zaratul. His best way was to temporarily stop acting and wait in hibernation. However, it was this subtle feeling that made him hope to digest the potion as soon as possible, so he used the help of The power of gray fog – Every time a target location is randomly selected, Klein will first go above the gray fog to divine the degree of danger and use paper angels to interfere.
At this moment, his digestion level was greatly improved, and he was “teleported” to the city of Kukwar in West Balam, Uttar Pradesh.
This is where he killed Ince Zangwill and avenged himself and his captain.
As soon as the figure appeared in the White Feather Square, Klein suddenly noticed something unusual.
The general’s mansion belonging to Mesanyes in front was so quiet that it made people’s backs s