d nodded:

“I see.”
After watching the messenger lady step into the void, and leaving here, he unfolded the paper and quickly read Triss’s letter.
She actually asked me to deal with “White Saint” Katarina… Isn’t this exactly what I want to do… Klein’s eyes flickered a few times, and he immediately found a black mass like paste.
Immediately afterwards, he transformed into Gehrman Sparrow and spread the mass evenly on a small mirror in the room.
After waiting patiently for nearly ten minutes, until the paste-like black thing evaporated out of thin air, leaving nothing behind, Klein was unable to contact the witch Triss.
Sure enough, Triss, who had been contaminated to a certain extent by the “Original Witch”, recognized the level of the messenger lady and was frightened by the angel who delivered the message… I am afraid she will not contact Gehrman Sparrow in a short time. Oh… Hey, if I had known that Miss Messenger was an angel with a special status, I would definitely not have allowed her to appear in front of Triss, or told her that if a witch summoned her, she could send her along with the message… Klein was silent After a few sighs, I can only say that this is really unlucky.
At this time, illusory and layered prayers suddenly sounded in his ears.
Backlund Bridge area, in a gloomy alley.
/Xio hid the “cold blade”, entered here, and looked around warily.
“Not bad, I’m getting more and more experienced.”
As a deep male voice sounded, a figure walked out of the darkness around the corner.
He was tall and straight, wearing a golden mask that exposed his eyes, nostrils, mouth and cheeks. He was the MI9 officer who had contacted Xio before.
“Why did you contact me urgently?” Xio asked proactively.
The man in the golden mask also asked directly without any greetings:
“You seem to be still monitoring the situation around Viscount Stepford. Have you noticed anything unusual recently?”
Xiu thought about it and said:
“He had close contact with a woman of unknown origin and asked her to come to his residence late at night several times.
“I tried to follow the woman but failed both times.
“Also, Viscount Stepford suddenly went out late at night two days ago. He went somewhere unknown and I couldn’t follow him.”
The man in the golden mask said “hmm” and asked in depth about various details. Xio answered one by one according to the specific situation he saw at that time, only concealing the meeting with Sherman in the carriage and the journey along the way. Followed Viscount Stratford to the two things outside the warehouse.
“Yes, your persistence has paid off.” The man in the golden mask nodded gently, seemingly not doubting Xio’s words at all.
He exhaled and turned to say:
“With this matter, your merits will be greatly increased.
“Frankly speaking, if you continue like this, it won’t take long for you to save enough to exchange for Sequence 6 potions. However, before that, there will definitely be a strict qualification review, and your background, haha, there is no doubt. I know very