its strength.

I don’t know if other families will object, but the newly rising Koslow family will definitely jump out to challenge them.
In terms of overall strength, the Rocknard family is several times, or even more than ten times, the Koslow family.
However, the big family’s game depends not only on comprehensive strength, but at extreme moments, what is more important is the military strength in hand.
In a short period of time, the military strength of the two families is still unknown.
What’s more, in the past years, the Lochnard family left behind more than just one enemy: the Koslow family.
They want to take control of the kingdom, and their enemies, who are cornered, are entirely likely to take risks and join forces to deal a cruel blow to them.
After all, rules are only rules if everyone abides by them. You cannot break it yourself and expect others to continue to comply.
“Your Majesty the Duke, there is no need to worry. If your family is not enough, then bring in a few more allies!
The five major families in the North have been together for so many years. I think you must have a way to drag them down.
With the combined strength of your five major families, you can basically suppress all the nobles in the south. If you are unable to do so, you can recruit a few more allies.
As long as you are stable enough and do not offend the core interests of the nobles in southern Xinjiang in the early days of taking power, the civil war will not break out.
Your Excellency, think about it carefully, now is the best opportunity. Once the guys in the south regain their strength, the situation will be very different.
/In terms of recovery speed, they are much faster than you. Once you let them recover first, it will be the end of you.
Some things happen, and no one can undo them. ”
Bishop Simon warned with a smile.
There are too many bad things done by the nobles in the North, and it is not surprising that some of them fall into the hands of the Holy See.
His family’s reputation is already bad, and Duke Pias doesn’t mind exposing some of his dark history. What really worries him is that there will be no pie in the sky.
The Holy See kept saying that it would help them control the Alpha Kingdom. This spirit of selfless dedication really moved him too much.
As Bishop Simon said, some things that happen cannot be undone. What they want to do now is – regicide.
Even if you are not the protagonist, just creating opportunities for the people of the Holy See, that is still regicide.
For any orthodox noble, the inner impact is huge.
The Holy See doesn’t care. There are only one or two kings killed by them in history. They don’t care about the life and death of Caesar III at all.
Duke Pias is different. The five major families in the North are connected by the same spirit. They are just a combination of interests. If regicide was involved, he could not guarantee whether the other four would follow suit.
Once this kind of thing is exposed, it will be the end of them. Not to mention that the enemies of the Loc