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Bayam, outside a house near the port.
Alger and “Star Admiral” Cattleya were patiently waiting for the people inside to enjoy dinner.
Looking at the bay window that reflected the light of the gas wall lamp, Alger, who was wearing a hood and a mask, was about to ask about the details of the operation. Suddenly he saw a shadow growing out of the thick darkness beside him, turning into a tall, thin, pale and sickly figure. Sad young man.
“The Bloodless One”, Histoll Alger quickly recognized this as the second officer of the “Future”.
Heath didn’t look at him and said directly to “Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya:
“Captain, they didn’t notice anything unusual. They made those mushrooms into a creamy soup and prepared pan-fried fish as their main dish tonight.”
“Very good.” Cattleya took off the heavy glasses on her nose and looked at the dining room of the house blocked by walls with her mysterious purple eyes.
Histoll didn’t hesitate, his figure instantly dimmed and returned to the shadows, disappearing somewhere unknown.
After listening to the conversation between the two, combined with what Ms. “The Hermit” said before, “The Hanged Man” Alger probably understood the core elements of tonight’s operation:
Poisonous mushrooms
Although he didn’t know what method the “Star Admiral” used to invalidate the spiritual intuition of the extraordinary people inside and make it impossible to distinguish between normal mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms, Alger believed that in occultism, this was not impossible.
He hesitated and said:
“Will this lead to the death of Craftsman Sharf?”
Wild “artisans” are quite rare things, and Alger doesn’t want to lose such a “friend” while there is still room for maneuver. For him, the most ideal solution is to imprison this guy. Let him become the “craftsman” exclusive to himself and the “hermit”.
“No.” Cattleya calmly shook her head and explained casually, “Whether it is the information you gave or the details observed by my crew, it is mentioned that Sharf does not like to eat fish, and even hates it very much. , This may be related to the fish bone stuck in his throat when he was a child.”
It was precisely based on this incident that Cattleya finally chose the “mushroom tactic”, which could effectively dismantle the enemy’s effective strength and minimize the risks on her side.
/The kind of mushroom that can swallow flesh and reproduce in a dark environment was ruled out by the “Star Admiral” from the beginning, because it can allow extraordinary people with keen inspiration to directly detect abnormalities, just like facing highly poisonous things. In addition, extraordinary people who believe in the “primordial moon” will most likely have a very in-depth understanding of herbs, plants, and fruits. They should be able to identify extremely dangerous mushrooms by sight alone.
If you want to hide it from them, you can only do it if the food itself is harmless and mutates through contact with other things.
In this regard, the mushroom that Frank c