byss of losing control.

Seeing this situation, Klein’s pupils shrank, he no longer hesitated, and switched the driving soul.
When the opponent was going crazy, the glove on his left palm was dyed gold, his expression became majestic, and his eyes were locked on Bishop Miller again.
Two lightning-like lights instantly lit up in his pupils.
Suddenly, Bishop Miller let out a scream, retracted both palms and tentacles, and covered his head.
His spirit was pierced, causing unspeakable extreme pain.
Klein raised his right palm and stood up, and his left hand immediately lit up with a brilliant light.
/Then, he leaned back and opened his arms as if embracing the sun.
A thick, pure, and blazing light fell from the sky and fell on Bishop Miller, completely covering him.
The surroundings became like daylight, and the strong wind suddenly stopped.
Sequence 5, “Priest of Light”
Bishop Miller’s body began to evaporate, first the skin, then the tentacles, and finally the flesh.
When the brilliant beam of light disappeared, he was no longer human and turned into a monster made of bones and flesh, with a very weak aura.
However, he is not dead yet
The vitality of those who are out of control is unprecedentedly tenacious
Klein’s expression remained unchanged, and he took a few steps to rush to Bishop Miller’s body. He knelt down on one knee, leaned forward, and pressed his left palm on the pool of flesh.
He stopped using the ability of the “Priest of Light” in order to leave food for the “creeping hunger”
A gap silently opened in the palm of the glove, and two rows of illusory, white teeth grew out of it, frantically biting flesh, bones, and spiritual beings.
But Bishop Miller was still struggling. He stabilized his flesh and blood and sprouted several new tentacles, trying to wrap around Klein and pull him into his arms.
Klein threw away his cane, pulled out his revolver, pointed it at the monster, and fired five shots.
bang bang bang bang bang
Bullets of pale gold, brass, or silver hit Bishop Miller, sparking flames of different colors.
Bishop Miller once again let out a scream from his soul. He was no longer able to resist the “creeping hunger”, and all his flesh and blood and soul turned into a torrent and fell into the greedy mouth.
In just two or three seconds, there were only pieces of clothing, remains of banknotes, and dots of slowly condensing dark blue and green light on the ground.
This is the difference between “eating” and “grazing”.
Klein would prefer the latter, but there’s no other food here.
At the same time, Captain Ireland had created two waves of holy water in the square hip flask.
Daniz quickly shouted to him:
“Throw it over”
Without hesitation, Ireland threw the wine bottle at the headless man who was snatching the bronze whistle.
Cough, Daniz cleared his throat and stood up straight.
He put his left palm leisurely in his pocket and pushed his right hand straight forward, quickly condensing red fire crows around him.
These semi-illusory fire crows flapped their win