l, he solemnly put the high-level talisman into the iron cigarette box, placed it with the Azik copper whistle and the Senior gold coin, and sealed and separated it with a spiritual wall.

Klein, who was in a good mood, lost his sleepiness for a moment, and opened the curtains to let the crimson moonlight from the outside shine in, illuminating the room with peace and tranquility.
While admiring the scenery, he suddenly saw a figure sneaking out from Congressman Macht’s house, approaching along the shadows.
This was Hazel Macht. She arrived at the sewer entrance again, removed the manhole cover, climbed down, and did not forget to recover.
Why is she always running into the sewers? It’s probably not from here to other areas, playing the role of a superhero in a mysterious world. After all, it takes less than an hour each time. Unless there is particularly strong intelligence support, it will be difficult to accomplish anything. Moreover, This is easily captured by the official organization. Combined with the picture shown by “Magic Mirror” Arrods, she is more like looking for something. Well, if she keeps exploring deep into the sewer like this, she will easily encounter danger. Klein is standing in the gap between the curtains. Finally, I watched all the things I discovered in the quiet night.
He did not try to warn Hazel, or directly use a “resentful soul” to possess her to make her understand the dangers of the supernatural world. This was because he was biased in his judgment that Hazel did not understand the mysterious realm very well and had a strong sense of superiority. It is subjective and cannot be determined for the time being. The second reason is that he does not know why the other party has extraordinary abilities and magical items. A well-intentioned reminder to repay the other party for their good deeds last time can easily attract unnecessary attention and even trouble.
After enjoying the peace of the night for a while, Klein got back into bed and slept until dawn.
/Before Richardson came in, he transformed into Gehrman Sparrow and prayed to “The Fool”:
“I can take on this task, but no matter whether it succeeds or not, I want your bracelet, a stone, and the right to use the magic book for a period of time.
“If successful, all the loot belongs to me, and you can only take the target’s head.
“You have to provide assistance if necessary.”
I want a stone on the bracelet and the right to use Lymanor’s travel notes for a period of time. How did he know that I have these two items? I remember I didn’t mention it in the Tarot meeting. I heard about “The World” Gehrman Sparrow. After the reply, Forsi was surprised and shocked, as if all the secrets had been seen through.
Her spirit suddenly became tense, and she quickly thought about where she had gone wrong.
“Except for the teacher, Xio and Mr. Fool, no one knows that I have these two items, especially Lemanno’s travel notes. I have never used Mr. Fool much. Mr. World behaved strangely in Tarot meetings. He has never submitted the diary of Emp