this time. He wanted to get some spiritual fruits from him.

It’s not that Speaker Gould doesn’t have any spiritual fruits, he even has some ‘spiritual red wine’, but those are the resources of the ‘Dawn Alliance’ and Speaker Gould doesn’t want to use them.
“You can just ask Annabelle for the spiritual fruit. Is the Supreme Council planning to bring shame on the temple this time?” David couldn’t help but ask after hearing that Speaker Gould wanted to take the spiritual fruit as a reward.
Spiritual fruits are not precious in David’s opinion. As long as Speaker Gould asks, he will naturally not refuse.
It’s just that spiritual fruits are extremely precious to ordinary knights, and are even more valuable than low-level titles.
You must know that spiritual fruits can greatly improve the strength of middle and low-level knights, and they are very useful for fifth-level Templars.
Especially in this Great World War, many Level 4 Sky Knights have made contributions.
/If a fourth-level sky knight wants to obtain a low-level title, he only needs to spend time completing tasks and obtain corresponding meritorious service, and then he can naturally exchange for a low-level title.
This kind of exchange for low-level titles is something that even the temple cannot stop.
After a fourth-level Sky Knight reaches his peak, there is a high chance that he will be promoted to a fifth-level Templar Knight by taking the spiritual fruit, and this opportunity is more important than his title.
If the temple rewards titles such as baron and viscount, then naturally it cannot be compared with the spiritual fruits rewarded by the Supreme Council.
David had no opinion on this action of the Supreme Council. He was no longer interested in titles or anything like that. His title had already reached the highest level.
/Even though he no longer has a title, with his strength and influence, who dares to underestimate him.
Speaker Gould was very satisfied when he left. Naturally, when he made this request, he also saw David’s carelessness with spiritual fruits.
Every time he came here, he could see that even the fruit plate on David’s table were all spiritual fruits.
This Great World War has made the nobles more united, and Speaker Gould is also preparing to greatly improve the overall strength of the nobles.
The carriage should have been prepared a long time ago. It is engraved with the coat of arms of the Luce family and is made of precious materials. The carriage is pulled by two top-notch war horses.
“What is this doing?” David asked looking at the carriage with some fun.
“Sir, this was sent by Steward Dickens for this invitation. Originally, Steward Dickens had prepared twenty sky knights as the escort, but I pushed it aside. A legendary knight like me is enough. !” Annabelle Legend jumped out of the carriage and explained while opening the carriage door for David.
David couldn’t help but shook his head. As a noble butler, Butler Dickens was really in trouble for him.
How does Butler Dickens look like an aristocratic steward now? I