“Absolutely.” Klein responded vaguely.
This is the limit of what he can reveal, otherwise it will be easy to be suspected by people or sealed objects.
In a room with large and small dolls, Emlyn White, who returned home at noon, sat on a chair, enjoying the dimness caused by the curtains.
He looked around, clenched his fist and said:
“Come on for me”
After speaking, he dug out spiritual materials and began to write the honorable name of “The Fool” and the corresponding symbols and magic signs.
After a lot of work, he tried the secret contract ceremony, and his spirituality gradually drifted away, as if he had reached infinite heights.
Vaguely, he saw countless shadows of indescribable shapes, saw seven rays of light that seemed to contain a lot of knowledge, and saw the gray-white mist high above them.
Above the boundless gray fog, there is an ancient palace that cannot be seen clearly. Inside the palace sits a figure shrouded in gray fog.
Then, Emlyn saw a majestic and sacred golden figure, and saw the black wings behind him that covered the sky and the sun.
/Before he could count the number of pairs of mysterious wings, he felt himself rising quickly and coming into contact with the golden figure.
He screamed, covering his head and rolling on the ground, and bursts of green smoke came out of his body.
After a while, Emlyn calmed down and heard the deep voice of “The Fool” echoing in his ears:
“Your psychological suggestion has been lifted.”
This is how painful it feels to be relieved of psychological suggestion. Emlyn sat on the ground, gasping for air. His neatly combed hair was messy and hanging down.
Above the gray fog, Klein nodded thoughtfully and said to himself:
“Sure enough, the purifying and dispelling effects of the sun brooch will harm vampires simultaneously.”
He had calculated in advance that the “sunlight” needed to remove the weakened psychological suggestion was not enough to severely damage Emlyn, so he was too lazy to change to a complicated method. Now it seems that the result is consistent with expectations.
After dealing with this matter, Klein took off the citrine pendant from the cuff of his left wrist to divine his next plan.
“This afternoon is a good time to go to Red Rose Manor.”
After reciting silently seven times, he opened his eyes and saw that the pendulum was still there, not rotating.
When it comes to “0” level sealed objects or corresponding powerful people, divination is too difficult to obtain effective revelations. Klein roughly understood the reason and sighed.
Immediately afterwards, he divined whether it would be appropriate to go to Red Rose Manor tomorrow afternoon, but failed again.
I have always said that divination is not a panacea, and now it has been confirmed that you have to make your own decision. You must take this step, otherwise there is no way to exit the stage without being noticed. The sooner you turn behind the scenes, the better. You cannot delay, otherwise things will happen. It was very possible that he couldn’t control his th