n is not so clear, similar things are even more inevitable.

If there is no review, it would be a serious negligence incident for the Nighthawks. Klein slowly exhaled.
Underground at St. Samuel’s Church, Leonard slowly walked out of a room that was so quiet that there was no sound.
His green eyes seemed to be stained with strange black water, with countless illusory bubbles and ripples appearing and disappearing.
“Not bad. You have become a Requiem Master so quickly. You can catch up with me soon.” Dailly Simone, who was standing in the corridor, congratulated as if joking or self-deprecating.
She was still wearing a hooded black robe and blue eye shadow and blush, giving her an eerie beauty.
When Leonard saw this familiar lady, he felt that her temperament was a little colder, and there seemed to be countless shadows hidden around her, layer after layer, deep and cold.
“Obviously, I’m still a long way from you. With your condition, you should be able to be promoted to janitor.” Leonard was not too casual in front of Dai Li and spoke more seriously, because if he joked, he would end up blushing and embarrassed. It must have been him, not the lady.
“Gatekeeper” is Sequence 5 of the “Necromantic” path.
“That was enough two months ago.” Dai Li said without concealment, her expression slightly distorted.
Leonard probably understood the reason, nodded slightly and said:
“I haven’t accumulated enough merit yet”
Dai Li immediately curled her lips and said:
“It’s like going to bed and getting everything ready, only to find out there are no condoms at home, and it’s night outside and most of the shops in the neighborhood are closed.”
/Leonard couldn’t respond to the wonderful metaphor, so he could only smile and said:
“You can proactively take over things.”
Without giving Dai Li a chance to speak, he pointed to the other end of the corridor:
“Captain Sost is still waiting for me to report on the promotion.”
Dai Li said nothing and watched him leave.
When his back disappeared around the corner, the lady’s expression became dazed for a moment, and she whispered to herself:
“Captain Sost”
In the room where Leonard’s Red Glove Team was temporarily stationed, Sost, who had just become a “spiritual wizard”, saw this undisciplined subordinate coming in, and casually threw a document over:
“Very good, you have been promoted. I will congratulate you later and do a dream review of the target first.”
It was already late at night, but for the “Nighthawks” with the “Sleepless” as the main force, it was not much different from the daytime, but they themselves were more powerful.
“Isn’t this the mission of the local Nighthawks?” Leonard took the file and asked casually.
“They have a lot of things going on recently and they don’t have enough manpower. Please ask us to help.” Sost explained nonchalantly.
Leonard didn’t ask any more questions, he immediately lowered his head and started flipping through the documents.
The first thing that caught his eye was a photo, and the middle-aged gentleman on it