re not less.

Seeing Gehrman Sparrow again, he found that although the other person’s characteristics were the same as before, the indescribable strong temperament in his every move became more profound and heart-stopping.
Alger, the crazy adventurer who was worthy of being able to provoke a demigod-level battle and successfully escape, was just a little proud of becoming a Sequence 5, but suddenly disappeared at this moment.
Carrying a lantern, he walked over slowly, looked at Gehrman Sparrow, and said deliberately:
“The traces you leave here may not disappear for hundreds or thousands of years.”
He was confirming whether the collapse of the mountain peak was related to the other party.
Klein glanced at the changed terrain, released his right hand holding the top hat on his head, and said with a gentle smile:
/“The one who made the biggest contribution here is Neptune.”
Hiss, he really caused a demigod battle that could destroy Bayam, allowing “Sea King” to directly attack here. And in this case, he was still alive and “took away” the “Blood Admiral” “, it is simply unimaginable, it is unbelievable that Alger began to suspect that Gehrman Sparrow had a “1” level sealed object on his body, which is equivalent to a demigod-level item.
He did not show his shock and astonishment, and did not dare to do more testing. He asked instead:
“You plan to go to that primitive island now”
“Of course.” Klein replied calmly.
It was late at night, the time when Dwayne Dantès would sleep without being disturbed, and when daylight came, he would have to show up.
/Of course, in order to prepare for unexpected situations such as fires, Klein also summoned “Magic Mirror” Arrods, so that he could always pay attention to the mirror illusion here and respond when necessary.
This means that the “dream treatment” of Mr. Rich by the Church of the Night is over, otherwise I will definitely have to postpone this operation. Klein couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
Alger looked at himself and found that he couldn’t get any magical items in a short time, so he took out a black iron-colored ring with spike-like protrusions and put it on his left thumb.
Enduring the throbbing headache, he nodded gently and said:
“A pleasure to work with.”
Then, he saw Gehrman Sparrow walking over expressionlessly, reaching out to grab his shoulder.
Immediately afterwards, he noticed that Gehrman Sparrow’s left hand became transparent, as if it contained the reflection of the spiritual world. Then, the black in front of his eyes became more intense, the red moon became more vivid, and the various colors were distinct and layered together. .
Countless nearly invisible figures retreated toward the “back” direction. With the help of Gehrman Sparrow, Alger quickly shuttled through the spirit world.
The squirming hunger “teleported” turned out to be like this. Just as a similar thought emerged, he saw his body plummeting, the surrounding colors receding, and everything returned to normal.
Beaches, rocks, trees. This is a deserted island. Alger looke