Wang Zhexuan told me: “The tomb is empty. ” “

Wang Zhexuan told me: “The tomb is empty. ” ”
I continued to ask Wang Zhexuan: “Have you seen the situation in the coffin with your own eyes? Wang
Zhexuan nodded and said: “I am the person that uncle trusts most, so I know every detail inside. There are only some clothes in the coffin and nothing else. I am sure of this.” ”
When I heard Wang Zhexuan say this, although my frowned brows still didn’t relax and my tense heart felt a lot more relaxed, I still had some doubts in my heart. When Wang Zhexuan heard me asking this question, he also asked me: “What’s wrong with you? Do you think something is wrong? I
continued to ask Wang Zhexuan: “Then the time when the disfigured person left was before or after your uncle faked his death?” ”
Wang Zhexuan said: “He left early, about a year before his uncle faked his death, and he even came to attend his uncle’s funeral. ”
When I heard what Wang Zhexuan said, I just felt that my heart, which had just been relaxed, suddenly became tense again. After Wang Zhexuan answered my words, he asked me: “Are you suspecting something? ”
I don’t know if I should explore this matter at this juncture, but after a while, I began to feel that what if my guess in the hut was wrong, what if Zeng Yipu deliberately let me find out, After all, why would a person with such a delicate mind suddenly make such an obvious breathing sound? I feel that even I myself cannot make such a mistake, and according to my understanding of Zeng Yipu, he is not such a restless person. , so the abnormality after all these things had to make me think about everything in another direction.
Finally, I said to Wang Zhexuan: “Then have you ever doubted that this person who came back with a disfigured face, if not Where is that uncle you know? ”
Wang Zhexuan looked at me, but he didn’t look very surprised. He looked at me in surprise, but I felt that his surprise came entirely from me asking such a question, and it was similar to his thoughts. It was a coincidental surprise. Seeing his expression, I suddenly seemed to understand something, so I said: “You are not completely sure about what you just told me, right?” ”
Wang Zhexuan didn’t speak. I said: “A disfigured man suddenly appeared and said that he was exactly the same as Captain Fan. So how did this recognition come to be recognized? Obviously, it should have come from him and E Fan. The same voice as the team, and Captain Fan’s recognition of him, right? ”
Wang Zhexuan nodded and said: “I have doubted it before, but that’s what my uncle believed, and this disfigured uncle was just as good to me, and that feeling was very familiar to me, so I gradually agreed, but sometimes I still felt it in my heart. There will be a doubt, but it is denied by myself, because I think it is ridiculous to doubt them.”
/I said: “I don’t know if you have ever experienced someone who is exactly like you appearing next to you all the time. , I have experienced what happened to Su Jingnan, and the deepest psychological shadow this incident gave me is that when I hav