it is safer to borrow her ship. Well, Mr. Hanged Man is an alternative.

“The Star Admiral is a member of the Moss Ascetic Order and has a lot of knowledge. This is very helpful for Tarot Club, but for me, there are certain hidden dangers. The image of Mr. Fool is based on the inscrutable foundation. In the future, I have to be more cautious and never give answers that pretend I don’t understand. When I’m not sure, I’d rather be a little more ambiguous, or even use magic stick-style handling methods. Of course, if I want to completely solve similar problems, I must improve myself as soon as possible and become a good person as soon as possible. A high-sequence strong person must have a strength worthy of his level and a level worthy of his status.
“With such a Sequence 5 level person and many strong men joining him, the overall strength of the Tarot Club is no longer low.
“After getting the Poseidon’s Scepter, I don’t have to worry about such a Tarot Club member being too strong and prone to problems.
“I hope that one day in the future, Star Admiral, a member of the Moss Trappist Order, can become an important helper in my revenge against the Hidden Sage.”
Klein exhaled, and his figure disappeared above the gray mist.
Backlund, bottom of St. Samuel’s Church.
A night watcher wearing red gloves entered the temporary office assigned to them with a telegram.
/“Captain, something happened at Port Enmat.” He said to “Requiem Master” Sost with a little excitement.
Sost touched the hair on his right temple and said:
“what’s the situation”
“The new situation of the Fool, the Fool that Aurora will be looking for.” The team member holding the telegram handed over the paper in his hand.
His answer immediately attracted the attention of several red gloves present, including the black-haired, green-eyed man in the corner who tilted his chair up, put his feet on the table, and covered his face with a top hat, as if he was taking a nap.
Sost took the telegram, glanced at it, and immediately smiled:
“Someone lied and claimed to be his favored one in an attempt to defraud, but after reciting his honorable name, he was killed by a bolt of lightning on the spot.
“There really is a hidden existence called The Fool.”
The files related to the two Tarot rituals and “The Fool” have been handed over to Sost’s Red Glove Team, who are responsible for the investigation. However, there are no clues in this matter, and they do not pay attention to it because they have other tasks.
“The Fool has the ability in the lightning field,” Leonard Mitchell said, taking off the black top hat covering his face.
“Who knows? If he is the incarnation of an old friend and prepares the corresponding magical items in advance, he can do similar things. This is not without precedent in the past, especially those false gods on the southern continent and colonial islands, haha , that liar lied that the Fool was the incarnation of the Storm Lord, which may be the reason why he was struck to death by lightning instead of any other way.” Sost threw t