d at Frank Lee and asked in a deep voice:

“After your little ones are infected with the Future, will they continue to infect people on the ship?”
While asking the question, Klein’s right palm had already reached into his pocket. Based on the different shapes, he selected the “Floating Talisman” and prepared to fly into the air to stay away from the infection.
Frank thought carefully and said:
“Theoretically, yes”
Before he finished speaking, a figure jumped out and kicked him on the butt. The kick made him do some somersaults and knocked out puddles of milk.
The person coming was Nina, who was wearing a linen shirt and a dark blue jacket.
She glared angrily at Frank Lee who was lying on the deck, and cursed with rapid breathing:
“Why don’t you hurry up and get rid of those damn little things of yours?
“You think my breasts are not big enough”
“Okay, okay.” Frank Lee patted his butt and said sadly.
At this time, Klein had already taken out the charm and whispered:
/He believed that he could not underestimate Frank Lee’s ability to cause trouble. He suspected that the other party might aggravate the disaster in the future, so he flew into the air first.
Blue flames enveloped the talisman made of white tin, and strong winds were instantly generated, coiling around Klein’s feet and around him, carrying him off the deck and flying to a height of four to five meters.
Anderson was stunned for a moment, then stretched out his palm and tried to catch Klein, but he was a little slow and failed. He could only watch Gehrman Sparrow rise while he stayed in place.
The ordinary and handsome hunter shook his head with a distorted expression. He wanted to laugh but also wanted to dismember the first mate of the “Future” opposite him into eight pieces.
At this time, Frank had taken out a bottle of dark green powder, grabbed a handful, and sprinkled them around while reciting giant incantations.
As soon as the powder touched the deck, green vines immediately sprouted. The vines grew crazily and soon absorbed the milk and those “little things”, entwining the entire deck and entire cabin.
In just ten seconds, the “Future” turned into a forest of vines.
“Huh, it’s solved.” Frank smiled at Nina first, and then his face suddenly changed and he said, “They, they have also mutated.”
At this time, a pirate staggered over and shouted in fear:
“Me, I have a watermelon growing on my head”
Klein looked around and saw green vines sprouting from the pirate’s head, one of which contained a watermelon that seemed to be almost ripe.
“This is what is called a mutation. This is so crazy, damn crazy,” Anderson blurted out.
He immediately turned his eyes slightly and spoke in a deep voice:
“There’s something wrong with the ocean around here”
Klein, who was in mid-air, also made the same judgment.
If there were no interference from external factors, Frank Lee’s experimental products and extraordinary abilities would not mutate at the same time.
The vines were torn apart, and the captain’s cabin window opened.