e continued his daily patrols, continued to accumulate merits, and did not attempt any rituals.

At every tarot gathering, he would skillfully pretend to sleep, so that no problems were revealed for the time being. He would also catch up on sleep intermittently to avoid certain things appearing in a pattern and making others suspicious.
According to him, Elder “Shepherd” Lovia did not leave the bottom of the round tower after seven days, and is still being held there for unknown reasons.
Mr. A of the “Aurora Society” was searching for followers and favored ones of “The Fool”. Although Klein deliberately kept a low profile, he failed to obtain any valuable clues. However, those extraordinary people who knew the honorable name of “The Fool” all understood Don’t recite this kind of thing casually. Unless they are in a desperate situation, they will definitely not have the courage to pray to a suspected evil god.
“Emlyn said last time that there were clues to the corresponding material. It may be confirmed soon, but the problem is that I don’t have enough money now.” Klein muttered silently, walked to the door of Lawyer Jurgen with his cane in hand. .
After ringing the doorbell, he took two steps back proactively and instinctively.
Not long after, the door opened, and the old lady Doris opened her arms energetically, wanting to give Klein a warm hug.
“Oh, the doctor you introduced last time is really great. My body has not been so healthy in the past ten years.” Seeing Mr. Detective standing far away, Doris could only retract her arms and express her joy in words. and feeling.
Klein sighed in a funny yet helpless way:
He saw Brody, the black cat, crouched on top of the coat rack in the back, seemingly shaky but keeping his balance.
/I can do that too. Klein made a self-assessment.
“Really?” old lady Doris asked in confusion.
She immediately put the question behind her and said with a smile:
“Are you here to see Jurgen?”
/Klein suddenly smiled:
You definitely need the help of a professional lawyer to negotiate something like this.
St. George’s, Saatchi Street.
As soon as Klein and Jurgen got off the carriage, they saw a huge thing parked at the door of inventor Leppard.
It is iron-black in color, has three pairs of twelve wheels, and has a tall chimney at the top like a ship, with residual smoke drifting out from inside.
This was a steam-powered car that Klein had seen in magazines and on the street. It was described by the public as an ironclad ship walking on land, with a rather exaggerated body.
If the streets were not built or renovated in the past 20 to 30 years, they would occupy all the road, leaving little space for carriages, so this kind of transportation can only be seen in certain areas and places.
At this time, the heavy car door with glass windows was opened, and two figures walked out.
One of them is the steam-powered vehicle tycoon Frank Micage whom Klein has met before. He is a quarter of the blood of the Fusac Empire. His eyes are very light blue, he is tall but has gained weig